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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 12, 2008

d1d0068159ba6930b222682d75f19000-getty-76075349jg014_celtics_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

Guys, I have to be honest, I didn’t watch the 86-100 loss to the Celtics game, at least not yet, due to “technical” reasons.

(EDIT: at the end of the day I finally managed to watch it, some extra comments at the bottom of this post)

But I don’t want to snap the streak of recaps, so I’ll stick to FACTS, that I got checking the boxscore, the play-by-play page + highlights video and various reports around the web, hoping to watch the whole game sooner or later.

First off Sixers are at the seventh place at 30-34 (.469), still in the fight for a playoffs position, with a 3.5 games margin over the eighth seed, currently Atlanta at 26-37.

Second, the sellout crowd (first of the year) of 20.438 fans and the fact they all watched Sixers playing with the “old school/always cool” uniforms are two nice signs of things starting to change, and in the right direction.

Third, speaking of what happened on the wood, I’m going out on a limb and say that it’s difficult to win basketball games if you put the ball in the hoop 31 times out of 100 attempts: Sixers did that last night.

The complete back court of Miller, Green (who got injured after few minutes), Iguodala, Carney, Lou Williams and Ollie combined to shoot 17/61, a whopping 27.8%. Not that the big men were doing much better: Dalembert had a bad game with 1/9.

Basically only Jason Smith and Thaddeus Young (in the picture) were effective offensively: I don’t know why the second one played only 23 minutes, like Depressed fan is asking.

The 0-15 start of the game didn’t help either: Sixers were perhaps nervous playing the biggest game of the season in front of such a big crowd (finally) and began with 0/6 + two turnovers. This said, it’s great that they fought back to close the first half down only six (47-53).

Besides Garnett, that you somehow expect to dominate against our two headed combo of Reggie Evans and Thaddeus Young at PF (in fact he did it…), I saw Perkins had a great game under the boards, tying even his career high with six blocks, all of them in the first half (!!).

While Ray Allen and Paul Pierce raining threes on us is unfortunately no news…

Anyway I’m not making a big deal out of this loss, it was expected and it takes nothing from the nice things we did before. A “reality check”, explains Aarick from Passion & pride: let’s hope it will be useful, then.

Reading the post game comments is encouraging, seems the guys have the right attitude, learned the lesson, got that the Celtics are on another planet – at least for this year… – and simply want to move on.

“We want to stay positive” said Iguodala, and I can’t do nothing but agree with him.


How much does it suck to be 0-5 vs the Lakers AND the Celtics ????Sam Cassell played his first game as a Celtic. He’s still ugly – Reggie Evans didn’t shoot any three pointer this time (he’s 1/1 for the season, the one was knocked down at Boston…), maybe that’s the explaination of our struggles from behind the arc (2/17) – He made up for it grabbing eleven rebounds in 22 minutes !! – (EVIL LAUGH) My best wishes to the Celtics to go to the Finals and meet the Lakers – Best wishes to the Lakers as well, while we are at it (DOUBLE EVIL LAUGH).

Sixers go to Detroit on Thursday, likely without Willie Green. The fact that Green’s absence is worrying me, should tell you a lot about the turnaround this team made 🙂


1) we missed so many wide open shots it’s unbelievable… I counted around five three pointers + several jumpers and even putbacks… many of them rattled in and out (especially Lou Williams’ shots), but anyway… Evans and Sam should take some layups drills

2) Perkins embarassed Dalembert just as much as Sam embarassed Bogut last night… the haitian should watch the tape of this game over and over. His slow, lazy low post spin moves, that all led to blocked shots, are exactly what defenses look for.

3) the reaction that made us tie the game at 44 in the second was very good, not coincidentially it was Thaddeus Young to spark it.

4) I don’t know why Lou Williams stayed on the floor so long when it was clear he was in an off night… Carney should have taken some of his minutes

5) this is something you never heard before: Kevin Garnett is a beast and trying to guard him creates mismatches (“Sixers4guidos: where insiders & terrific behind-the-scenes analysis happen”). He knocked donw like six or seven 19-footers.

6) Celtics are WAY too cocky for my taste, I will turn into the the greatest Pistons/Cavs/Magic/Raptors fan ever as soon as playoffs will start. I didn’t like a couple of hard fouls as well, there are smarter ways to intimidate.

Thad Young didn’t give a shit, though, which is the best reaction you can have in these cases: he showed unusual class and maturity for a kid that has to turn 20 yet.


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