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Sixers beat Pistons, earn respect

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 14, 2008

capt_ca095be2cf224a5b99641256f34b7438_76ers_pistons_basketball_dtp102.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

I have troubles trying to remember the last time we beat the Pistons in a “serious” game (last year’s W at the end of the season doesn’t count).

While I do remember ton of routine losses, with Pistons playing with us like a toy and getting multiple wins with minimum effort.

That’s why the 82-83 win of last night that sets our record at 31-34 (.477) has a special taste.

We beat the #2 team in the NBA at home, in front of a sellout crowd of 22.076, after a very tough game, playing without a starter (Detroit native Willie Green) and with our floor general out for the whole fourth quarter due to back strains (Andre Miller).

All of this coming after the loss to the #1 Celtics, that made everybody think we still have a long way to go before becoming really competitive.

I just finished watching the game (Sixers4guidos: where late recaps and old news happen) and I would like to add few observations.

1) we won playing HALF COURT OFFENSE basically for 48 minutes. That’s the most impressive part, to me.

Pistons didn’t allow us to run and/or get easy buckets in transition, and we know how Sixers can struggle attacking set up defenses due to their notorious lack of perimeter threats AND low post scorers. Check Iguodala’s, Williams’ and Dalembert’s shooting pct and you’ll get what I mean.

Pulling out a W in these conditions for THIS Sixers team is a borderline miracle. Or a masterpiece of will, and a reward for the hard work of these guys and their coach.

2) This means we found a way to overcome our problems on the offensive half with some HARD NOSED, PHYSICAL DEFENSE, that was one of the best things of the night. As an example, I would mention Lou Williams’ block on Mc Dyess’ dunk attempt in the final (Lou hasn’t been credited with the block, but he should have).

3) Evans’ all around hustle and presence was something fantastic, he made me even forgive a couple of bonehead plays (jeez dude, you really LOVE to dribble, uh ???????). Reggie was possessed, crashed the boards like he can do and even scored in double figure, including a jumper (!) in the first quarter.

4) Speaking of low bball IQ, fellow idiot big man Sam Dalembert had some dumb plays as usual (turnovers, three seconds and traveling violations etc etc), but he pulled down a lot of rebounds, escpecially in the fourth, so he was a key contributor as well. Talking about finding other ways to help your team.

5) but my MVP for the night is Rodney Carney, who came off the bench to provide what we are expecting him to give us since the 2006 draft: energy, defense, shooting. Is he finally coming around? It looks so… by the way he scored Sixers’ last points, on a beautiful jumper with 2.30 to play (yes, we didn’t score after that…).

Carney came to help Lou Williams on the final play, forcing Billups to take a tough fallaway jumper that was off the mark.

6) Iguodala and Lou Williams had bad shooting nights. Andre started 4/4 in the first quarter (eleven points – two of them showed in the picture, thanks Theo for joining Andre on the poster…) to go 2/18 in the remaining three (!!!). He was good in our halfcourt, and got to the line often, knocking down his free throws, which is nice, but I didn’t like how he managed the last possessions, honestly.

I liked even less Lou Williams’ game: he forced a lot in the second quarter (a quick 0/5) and didn’t make the team play, looking only for his shots. I wonder if he can turn into a real, STARTING, POINT guard full time, or develop into a Jamaal Crawford kind of combo (shooting/very shooting…) guard. He clearly loves to be “the man”, uhm…

Anyway, it’s all good as long as we got the win, built some extra confidence and played as a team. More power to you, Mo.


The best play of the night was a fastbreak alley oop from Rip Hamilton to Jason Maxiell for a high flying dunk – Evans had 9 + 9 at halftime, Iguodala with 14 points was our top scorer – Mc Dyess and even Rip Hamilton were pulling a Reggie Evans from the line, that helped us as well – Jason Smith drained a couple of jumpers in the fourth, nice – A key possession down the stretch and we feed Reggie Evans in the low post ??????????? Brian/Depressed fan is right, Mo should have played Thad… – Natalie at Need4sheed is surprised…but gives Sixers their props – Looks like everybody now is realizing there is a NBA team in Philadelphia – People even pick our players off waivers in fantasy leagues… hint: DO NOT pick Amundson, despite our late surge he will not help you.

Sixers meet the Bulls on Friday, the classic Blog-a-Bull will give you all the info about Chicago. Stay tuned here for upcoming ignorance and 6 hrs time zone difference news.


3 Responses to “Sixers beat Pistons, earn respect”

  1. sixerguy said

    great article once again ricky, you’ve said it all

  2. thanks bro, much appreciated

    it takes some time to write these posts due to many reasons (time zone difference, work etc) but I’m always trying to say something worth reading !!

  3. Carney steps up again against the Bulls! I can’t believe it. This guy has to be the player of the week.

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