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Sixers playing like champs

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 16, 2008

capt_c1f00c0beac7475cb0d53903fcb44cba_spurs_76ers_basketball_pxc105.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

And the guy in the picture is playing like a MVP.

Andre Miller torched Spurs defenders all night long to give Sixers an emotional 103-96 win over San Antonio, the NBA champs.

With this one, the pile of “Biggest-win-of-the-season” games is rising. First it was the road win at Phoenix, then another road win, vs Pistons, then the comeback win at Chicago of last night… And guess who’s next? Allen Iverson’s Nuggets !!!!

If you take out the Rockets and their historic 21-game (open) winning streak, Sixers are the hottest team in the League right now and Mo Cheeks should be a legit candidate for the “Coach of the Year” award.

Yes, the same Mo Cheeks that I bashed for more than a year. Then again, I’m more than happy to take my hat off to him and admit I was wrong. Just like my 31 wins prediction is already off the mark 🙂

Cheeks is doing an extraordinary job of motivating, giving confidence and keeping together an athletic, unexperienced, damn exciting young team that at 33-34 (.493) has already exceeded every possible expectation and is playing fantastic basketball.

The Spurs game was another sign of how Sixers are quickly maturing and finding ways to win games even when their best weapons (fastbreak points, hustle plays) are limited.

Sixers had the lead basically for the whole game, keeping Spurs at distance, up to +13 in the second quarter (45-32 and 49-36), then + 10 and +13 again in the third(79-66).

San Antonio came within six in the fourth (92-86) but Iguodala took it personally versus Bowen and scored a big fallaway jumper over the Spur: Sixers should have closed the game when Dalembert had a fantastic block on Duncan, but Carney couldn’t finish the fastbreak for the possible +10 and Ginobili made it a six point game again (94-88).

Andre Miller capped his great night (apparently he was playin injured… I didn’t notice, though…) with a sweet jumper in the lane, giving us an eight point lead at 96-88 with 1.56 to play.

Spurs couldn’t overcome the deficit, despite Parker stealing the ball from from Williams for a layup (98-93, 1.08): Lou, who had missed two from the line earlier in the fourth, knocked down a free throw and at 99-93 with 1.03 left the game was over, with Spurs misfiring from long distance.

Interesting how Sixers went with an extra-small line up in the fourth, with Andre Miller, Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Rodney Carney (PF ???) and Sam Dalembert.

The haitian center did a wonderful job on Duncan, something that his stat line doesn’t tell you: he really limited him and had a great part on Tim’s 5/14 from the field.

Offensive rebounds were another key for us: Spurs are the best defensive rebounding team in the NBA but we managed to grab twelve boards under their glass. Those extra possessions gave us new life when we had struggles scoring the ball and helped the clock continue to run. At one time in the fourth we caught two offensive rebounds and missed three shots in a possession that looked neverending: Popovich went completely nuts (LOL).


Willie Green was back after he missed two games and looked in good shape – Ginobili had a terrific dunk over Sam on a drive in the third – The most exciting play came at the end of the third, when Iguodala fed Thaddeus Young for an high flying dunk: but Spurs inbounded the ball quicky and Bonner silenced the crowd knocking down a three at the buzzer – At halftime, Miller had 15 points on 6/7, and Sixers had only one turnover as a team !! – Parker answered with 16 at the break, (7/9), while Duncan had only 8 with 2/7 – Speaking of Miller, if you check the boxscore don’t stop reading only points, FGs, FTs and assists… continue reading until the turnover column: you’ll find a zero !!

Sixers will have some days to rest and then on Wednesday welcome Allen Iverson, playing for the first time in Philly with another jersey. I hope the (sellout) crowd will give Bubba Chuck an arousing standing ovation and then root for the Sixers to beat the Nuggets: that’s how is supposed to be, in my guidoesque opinion.

Check Jeremy’s PickaxeAndRoll for great Nuggets’ coverage.

Wow, I’m pumped.


6 Responses to “Sixers playing like champs”

  1. sixerguy said

    two best plays were as you mentioned, the one on one play of Dalembert denyin Duncan and Iguodala schooling Bowen.

    Thad missed a lot of easy layups but it’s a good sign he was in the right place at the right time.

  2. raffaele said


    I think time has come for s4g’s latest twist. after (1) jumping on cheeks bandwagon after having bashed him for a year; (2) being totally crazy about sixers going into playoffs after having preached tanking; (3) becoming green-carney fans after having dismissed them as liabilities for the entire season, I now suggest we do a brand new spectacular turn-around: GIVING BILLY KING CREDIT!!!!

    after all, my friend, the rescue three-year plan he put into place is working: thad youg is an and all-star-to-become player (king chose him), this team is on his way to reach the playoffs, miller (whom king got in exchange for iverson) is a true leader, the young “core” (king signed them all) is developing, cheeks (king hired him) is leading this this team, and we will have cap space to spend in the post season (king’s decision again). so far stefanki so far added almost nothing to this picture.

    so, what do you say: are we ready for the biggest twist in the history of s4g? 😉


  3. Raffaele

    I don’t think I am ready for that last step. I mean, I have (some) dignity left, “giving Billy King credit” sounds really extreme… But you half seriously made some good points

    The main point, to me, is that NOBODY thought that Sixers could be so good, King and the most optimistic Sixers fan included. But I am happy to see we all where wrong, that’s the difference between guidos and negedelphian !!!



    true about Thad, he usually makes those shots, he’s good in finishing. He eventally recovered and had some good plays, though: it’s a part of the learning process I guess 😉

  4. sixers29 said

    It was a magic game. I am enjoying with our team. Cheeks is doing a good job but I don’t like him. I remember that before Ed Stefanski arrived, thadeus young didn’t play (include preseason games) and our team played horrible and too inconsistent.

    Wednesday will be a special day for all sixers fans. Un abrazo,

  5. Brian said

    Nuggets dropped 168 last night. I dont see the Sixers keeping that pace up. Iggy, Carney and Thad really need to lockdown Melo, AI and company.

  6. true Brian but I don’t see the Sixers giving up 168 points either…. I think we have a good chance to beat Denver and they will be in the second night of a back-to back if I’m not mistaken


    u r correct on that observation about Young, but I have to give Mo his pros, he’s doing a great job honestly. Can’t wait to see Allen coming to town now !!!

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