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Allen Iverson is no Santa Claus

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 18, 2008


Dear Sixers fans,

tomorrow Allen Iverson will come to the Wachovia Center, to play in Philly for the first time with another jersey on.

He wore the Sixers uniform for years (one of the nicest ones is in the pic), and always honoured it.

His name will be linked to some of the best seasons of this franchise after the glorious 80’s.

Give Bubba Chuck the loud, long standing ovation he fully deserves.

Thank him for what he did for the Sixers organization through the years: hard play, amazing moments, hilarious rants.

Then root for the new, Iverson-less Sixers to beat his Nuggets.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.

I know Philly is the town where fans once booed Santa Claus (LOL @ that story, always one of my favorite…) but don’t be bad with one of the most exciting athletes to ever play this game. He’s no Santa Claus, and he’s no Webber either.

The franchise traded Allen and moved on, the post-Iverson era looks good and promising now, and this also thanks to his departure: there is no need to have bad feelings for the guy.

Applaude the lil’ man. I will do it, from an ocean away. 

A Sixers (& Iverson) fan from Italy

2 Responses to “Allen Iverson is no Santa Claus”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    My Friend Ricky!!!! este juego promete ser uno que sera Inolvidable y que quedara en nuestras mentes por mucho tiempo, I Cant Wait for the start of the game!!! y otra cosa es que hay muchas cosas en juegos Los Nuggets necesitan una victoria de manera deseperada pero nosotros no le haremos las cosas para nada faciles

    Thanks Allen Iverson For all the Things you Give to the Organization!!!


    From Colombia


  2. Juan Camilo, my friend !!

    it was another “Biggest win of the season”, in an emotional night !! check the recap, hope you enjoy the pic


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