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Iverson gets the ovation, Sixers the W

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 21, 2008

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The number of signs that this could be a special year for the Sixers is rising.

The last one was the 115-113 win over the Nuggets (34-34, .500) in the long awaited first comeback of Stephen Hunter Allen Iverson to Philly.

It ended up in the best way it could: a great, warm, long standing ovation for Iverson, an amazing game by The Answer, a close, much needed Sixers win.

All in front of a 20.674 sellout crowd. I mean, can you ask for more?

Philly fans showed brotherly love for Iverson, celebrating him like he deserved (even if the franchise should have thought about something more for AI last night, like David Aldridge says in what is BY FAR the best article on this topic, in my opinion).

I am writing this post one day late (wifey…), no need to recap the game. Just few thoughts:

* I guess Andre Miller had something to prove last night… impressive performance

* Green and Dalembert were solid as well, the first one having one of his best shooting games of the season. Again, the fact that Nuggets play no perimeter defense it helped. 

* in general, I was shocked to see how many alley oops and dunks Denver allowed. For the team that has the best shotblocker and former Defensive player of the Year, that’s scaring. It’s not on Camby, or not only on him, but still….

* Down the stretch Sixers benefited from an unbelievable non call, when Dalembert clearly goaltended Melo’s layup (that hit the back board before Sam swatted it) and then from some huge, clutch, TEAM plays.

From the possible 110-112 Nuggets, denied by the officials, it became 113-110 Sixers, because Miller scored in the low post while drawing a foul from Iverson (1.18 to play). 

Ok, to be precise, Denver kept possession of the ball after the not called goaltending, but Dalembert blocked Anthony again, this time with a clean, great rejection, setting the stage for Andre’s three point play.

After Bubba Chuck tied it with a tough three pointer (113-113, 1.06 left), Miller missed a jumper but rookie Thaddeus Young grabbed his third offensive rebound, giving us a precious extra possession that eventually decided the game.

Dalembert’s layup for the 115-113 (32 seconds to play) came in a pretty lucky way, because Iguodala had his drive to the basket contested and threw up a random ball that Sam was quick to put in: not sure how much Iggy wanted to make that ‘pass’…

To Sixers’ credit, we played some tough TEAM defense on Nuggets’ last possession, pushing Denver to inbound the ball with 4 seconds on the shot clock.

Iverson had a good look from the corner but missed an off balance jumper, Camby grabbed the offensive rebound but misfired on a short (and pretty easy) jumper as well… Iguodala won the battle for the last rebound and Sixers could celebrate.

You see, I think Nuggets should put the blame for this loss only on themselves, even if their commentators on LP bitched a lot for the (ugly, again) non call. Too many plays came after that, guys…

Sixers, on the other side, showed pride and focus (=maturity growing), not letting the whole Iverson thing distract them. Counting on a veteran PG at the helm in games like this is a huge plus.


Speaking of Nuggets’ shortcomings, how about the 0/14 from the field to start the fourth ?? – Sixers struggles from the line are becoming unsustainable, fifteen misses with Evans having “only” three ?????? – With guards Lou Williams and Rodney Carney combining for 3/8 ??? – At the end of the first quarter, Sixers had a 16-4 rebounding edge (!), offensive rebounds were 6-0 – PickaxeAndRoll has a Nuggets’ perspective of the game. Jeremy is a great blogger and his views are always worth reading.

Sixers meet the Magic this night, Ben at Third quarter collapse has the best coverage about Orlando, as usual.

The game is interesting also because it could NOT be the last one between the two teams in this season…

Allen, we still love you, but Sixers moved in another direction and we like it. Best wishes for you in Denver, you deserve the best.


2 Responses to “Iverson gets the ovation, Sixers the W”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Allen, we still love you, but Sixers moved in another direction and we like it. Best wishes for you in Denver, you deserve the best.

    My friend Ricky, totalmente de acuerdo con este comentario, ojala y los Nuggets no queden “out” of the Playoffs, seria realmente muy triste que esto llegara a suceder


    From Colombia


  2. sixers29 said

    It was a great day!!

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