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Blogger MVP/ROY ranking – Round 9

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 26, 2008

This time it was Ryan from Hornets 247 to collect and put together the votes from a panel of bloggers that included your resident guido.

So here is Round 9 of the rankings, make sure to check it also this time because Chris Paul finally made it to #1 !!!!

Here were my votes:


10 – Paul (the fact that he NEVER made it to #1 in this year’s rankings really irks me…,he’s clearly the Most Valuable Player in the true sense of the word. I mean, what else should a guy do to get the award? Look at the standings, then look at his STARTING back court team mate, at the rest of his roster and then tell me if who is really better than him in the NBA. Ouh, I have another way to prove my point: have you ever seen him playing?)

9 – Kobe Bryant (this is a nice way to show how open minded, knowledgeable and fair I am: I really HATE Bryant and the Lakers but the team’s record is way better than the current roster  – with Bynum, Gasol and mostly MIhm out – tells… guess why…)

8 – LeBron James (yeah, the stats, the highlights, the franchise record etc etc… still, last year’s Eastern Conference champs were supposed to kick asses this year but they are fighting trying to KEEP the #4 seed record in the worst conference ever. I know, it’s not his fault, but that can’t avoid to affect the rankings, his team is playing .563 basketball…)

7 – Howard (had he played the Sixers all year he would have averaged like 35 and 20, with 65% FG…uhm, wait, actually he’s not that far from that… maybe the possible #1 considering the combination of personals stats + teams achievements)

6 – Garnett (see Bryant, with the only difference that I hate the Celtics even more, and that Garnett had his Mihm always healthy – Kendrick Perkins – and made him even look decent)

5 – Nash (seven consecutive wins, uhm… is the team starting to click? and at the right time ?)

4 – Billups (yaaaaaawn….leader of the #2 team in the NBA….yaaaaaawn… zzzzzz…..)

3 – Duncan (I guess he’s really happy that nobody is considering him and his team for their respective titles.. watch out, especially after the recent slide)

2 – Deron Williams (the type of player and the type of team you really DON’T want to meet in the playoffs)

1 – Pierce (what, no injuries ?????????? 69 games played out of 69 ????? 20, 5 and 5 for the #1 team ?????? F’k…)


5 – Durant
4 – Horford
3 – Scola (you know that NBA scouting sucks because… Scola came to the League at 27 y/o… Darko’s agent is laughing somewhere)
2 – Thaddeus Young (yes, I’m biased… but if you saw this kid playing, you would agree with me… his composure, his calm attitude is fantastic for the second youngest player in the NBA. A BIG part in Sixers’ surge)
1 – Al Thornton

Ignorant enough ????????????

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