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Sixers avoid sweep, stun Celtics

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 26, 2008

7a4c3657b8f01caec6a0e8c1113e7eba-getty-76075448_bb611_bos_phi.jpg..but unfortunately thanks to effin’ Telecom Italia and my ADSL connection going down, I didn’t watch the 90-95 win at Boston yet…

Recap coming on S4G as soon as those mothaf’rs will decide to give me the connection back… in the meantime, Sixers at 36-35 (.507) look good…

‘Sixers4guidos, where missing the most exciting game of the season happens’.

UPDATE – I managed to watch the game finally… what follows is my 2 days late recap, enjoy (?).

Well, actually it would be stupid to analyze the whole game after so long, everything was said and written (unbelievable, amazing, exciting etc etc), let’s try to focus on some points:

IGUODALA – Looks like turning down those 57 millions for 5 years last summer wasn’t that stupid, uh? Payback time for Andre coming soon, but he’s earning his next, big contract… the baseline jumper over Pierce to close the game was… well, money !! Not to mention the ten consecutive points during our decisive 19-0 run in the fourth.

As for the free throws, I am totaly speechless, how can’t you stay constantly over 77-78% is beyond me…. 8/15 in a close game like that one is totally unacceptable.

SALEMBERT – Dude, you can pile up a hundred of dumb plays in a single game, can’t you? I never saw a player PUMP FAKING A FREE THROW (??!!) only to have a lane violation called, or grabbing a rebound and be called for traveling, making the Celtics fans ROTFL… yes, he played some good defense on Garnett in the last quarter, but before that he was dunked on by Leon Powe, schooled by the same player with another low post move (all in the first quarter), blocked by Perkins after a lazy shot (in the third)… all kind of plays that drive most of Sixers fans (and Sam haters) nuts.

I have the feeling that, say, a Brendan Haywood or a Kendrick Perkins could give us more or less the same things that you give but at half the price. Whatever, not hating on Sam after such a win, just a realistic remark.

MILLER – Solid as a rock. Career year.

EVANS – The love is groving, he slowly gained the status of Sixers 4 guidos favorite. If he had only grabbed Garnett’s nuts…

GREEN – Bring the hatred back. 5/33 in the last three games ???? Good that Mo is benching him in the fourth…

YOUNG – Best game of the year? It’s the third or fourth time I write this… I hope I will do that even more times before the season ends…impressive growth, his personality is what amazes me the most. Always with that “It’s a preseason game, right?” look on his face. The honour of being in S4G front picture (LOL) is well deserved.

LOU WILLIAMS – Very, very effective. When he cuts the forced shots and drives to the basket he’s really unstoppable, especially because HE hits his free throws… + a key steal on House in the final.

CARNEY – A three and a dunk immediately. Confidence growing, he finally seems to know what to do when he’s on the floor. Would have loved to see him play in the fourth but that lineup was working well so no criticisms to Mo should be made.

MO CHEEKS – Maybe I should be embarassed because I bashed him many times here. Well, how about “Giving him his props when praise is due” ??? He’s doing a heck of a job with these guys, and deserves all the credit. I apologize, one more time.

Jim from Green bandwagon and Jeff from Celtics blog explain the loss like this and like this.

The mighty Blog-a-bull will be your source for coverage about the upcoming game vs Chicago, that I will hopefully recap sooner than this one…

I have only one question left about the Boston game: WHY DID WE PLAY WITH THE F’N BLACK JERSEYS ????????????

But there is no reason for being angry after the (insert ordinal number here) “biggest win of the season”.


2 Responses to “Sixers avoid sweep, stun Celtics”

  1. sixers29 said

    oh, bad luck!!. By the way, the sixers dancers need our votes:

    1 abrazo

  2. I did it finally !!

    And I voted on the poll too, Sixers dancers owe me something (LOL)

    thanks for the link !

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