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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 27, 2008

140a61458421934452ca3e2b5968ffe3-getty-76075352jg009_bulls_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

The whole Sixers franchise is passing through a great moment.

The darkest days seem behind our back, a new era hopefully started.

It might be winning, it might be not, at least it’s providing us a much needed extra fun.

Fun is the key word.

It’s a joy to watch this team play hard, run fast, win games.

Last night’s 121-99 win over the Bulls is only the last example (37-35, .514).

Wanna the recap? It was a blowout. End of the recap.

It was +15 at the end of the first (34-19), with Chicago starting 1/12 and the only field goal coming on a goaltending, +20 in the second (59-39), ended at +16 only because Bulls made a couple of threes in the last 22 seconds.

A short Bulls run to come within eight in the third (77-69 with 4.09 to play, when Gordon hit 3/3 from the line) and a new pile of nice plays by different Sixers came: a couple of baskets by Andre Miller, a block by Dalembert, a three by Carney, another by Lou Williams, a dunk by Young: 91-77.

Can you say TEAM effort?

The fourth was garbage time since Williams made it a 20 point game again (100-80, 10.10 left).

The Bulls are simply a bad team right now, unspirited and weak. Nocioni’s Bee Gees-style haircut explains well how ugly they look.

On the other side, everything that is even remotely Sixers-related is looking great and having success:

1) Sixers dancers were nice even before, but they are in the Eastern Conference semifinal of the NBA Dance Team bracket, currently facing Magic dancers

2) special guidos sources told me that Calvin Booth is secretly dating Beyoncè Knowles. Apparently our center took Beyoncè to the Bahamas islands during the day off that Cheeks gave the team. So when you’ll see their pictures on some lame gossip site, remember: you read it here first.

3) not only that, but Sixers president and COO Peter Luukko was found in a suite of the Wachovia center minutes before the Bulls game in the middle of a threesome with Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley. Sixers PR department censored that news, Sixers4guidos is unveiling it.

3) The unexpected and irresistible positive trend is affecting also the Sixers blogosphere.

* Brian/(former?)”Depressed fan” is thinking about changing the name of his site into “Don’t worry/be happy fan”, and inserting a giant smiley instead of the pic where he hopelessly keeps the head in his hands (btw check his live blog, it’s fun !!)

* Jon, Aarick and the crew of “Passion & pride” are so proud of their Sixers that stopped posting recaps and started talking trash in all Celtics, Lakers and Pistons sites

* Chris Webber shockingly donated those f’n 19 millions to “The Recliner GM”, so that they will have to change the title of the blog

* Brian’s ego was so inflated by the last Sixers wins that his “215 sports” blog suddenly became 430. He doesn’t reply to his readers anymore, unless they arrange an appointment with his secretary

* in Spain, the crew of “Los Sixers de Philadelphia” is pumped to the point that they cut the “tapas” and watch a minimum of three Sixers games per day. Asked about a comment on what’s happening, Sixers29 said “Jo soy enamorado” 

* in Italy, my wife substituted her daily dose of National Geographic documentaries with old tapes of Kenny Payne’s practices

That’s how life goes in Sixerland. Friday’s game vs Suns is a detail.


In the first quarter, Iguodala had 15 points with 5/5 (but 3/8 on free throws…), Miller had 7 dimes and Sixers 6 steals as a team – Deng and Gooden combined for 0/8 at halftime, while Miller’s line was 3 pts, 6 reb, 10 assists ! – Reggie Evans is 5/6 from the line in the last three games, Iguodala 11/24 in the last two – Here is Blog-a-Bull’s game recap – Quick Willie Green update: 9/47 from the field over the last four games (19%)…. – Lou Williams’ five three pointers made are a career high.

5 Responses to “In Sixersworld everyone is on a roll”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    My friend Ricky!!!! todo es alegria en estos momentos en Sixers Land jajaja, Im so Happy for the way the team are playing right now, but Iggy needs to shoot better from the FTL, una pregunta a quien prefeririras en primera ronda a los Cavaliers o a los Magic??? and another question my friend do you like the major league baseball??

    Pd: Inter esta en mal momento, tu equipo genoa nos empato sobre el final hace algunas jornadas, y para rematar perdimos contra Juventus el pasado fin de semana Damn!!!


    From Colombia


  2. Juan Camilo !!

    I think Magic are a bad match for the Sixers, as the regular season showed, they have a strong presence in the paint surrounded by a bunch of excellent shooters… tough team definitely

    I would honestly prefer to meet Cleveland, they seem more beatable (despite LeBron) and facing LeBron would give us an extra boost, the atmosphere would be great, it would be a great series I think, and possibly a quite long one

    No, I don’t follow baseball at all, sorry… it’s too “american” for my taste, LOL

    Genoa played a heck of a game vs Inter, I saw that, you were lucky to come out with a point !!

    saludos !

  3. sixers29 said

    Come on,Booth and Beyonce together? I can’t imagine it.
    Thank you for the mention. Saludos,

  4. I’m a glutton for punishment, I miss Bob Thorton’s feathery locks.

    No seriously, it’s great to see the Sixers making such an unexpected run.

  5. Brian said

    I dont get it.

    “Brian’s ego was so inflated by the last Sixers wins that his “215 sports” blog suddenly became 430. He doesn’t reply to his readers anymore, unless they arrange an appointment with his secretary”

    Became 430?

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