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Sixers drop second straight in Cleveland

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 31, 2008


“Technical” problems prevented me to watch the 91-88 loss in Cleveland.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to catch the game, at least not yet.

Like always in these cases, I’ll strictly stick to FACTS (boxscore, reports, highlights – that I saw – and mostly the play-by-play page) to come to some undisputable conclusions.

I will wait to eventually add more points after having watched the game.

Sixers at 37-37 (.500) are currently 7th and still in a good position in the playoffs race. Toronto and Washington lost, Hawks won.

I wouldn’t make a big deal of this loss, it seems that the team played pretty well for the whole game and simply came up short in the last possessions, failing to score in the last 2 minutes, when they went 0/5.

Young missed a key layup that could have given us a two point lead, before LeBron James scored on a tough drive – he even managed to avoid the usual not called traveling violation, LOL – for the 90-88.

I saw Lou Williams’ and Iguodala’s missed threes after that play and they both looked like good shots, not wide open, but our players had a decent look to the basket: they simply didn’t fall.

Numbers tell us that Salembert played a solid game (nice) while Willie Green is continuing his slump… Iguodala’s and Miller’s contributions were at their usual, high level, same for Evans, who did his. Cool.

Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young give a good spak off the bench, while Carney apperently was in a night off. One thing I dodn’t understand: why Jason Smith didn’t play? Why he’s falling out of the rotation? I like Jason Smith… please put his young ass on the floor and leave it there for at least 15-16 minutes per night.

Sixers need just to keep composure and think about the next game, tomorrow vs Nets: now that’s a must win game !


If you want some knowledgeable opinion on this game, check Brian/Depressed fan’s recap. Surprisingly the crew from Passion & Pride hasn’t posted its own yet…. hey guys? Are you there ???!!! – Sixers dancers (in the pic, good to put some beautiful girls in this site when I haven’t watched the guys…) beat the Magic and are now battling with the Heat in the Conference Finals, go vote ! Kate, where are you, I miss you, come back here to S4G (LOL) – By the way, what’s the name of the brunette on the right ? She’s hot !

11 Responses to “Sixers drop second straight in Cleveland”

  1. sixers29 said

    hey ricky,
    I watched the game but now the link doesn’t work.
    She is Erica, I love her. We have to vote many times.

    By the way, do you have news about your campaign?

    ps. Kate you are welcome in my blog, you know it.

  2. thanks anyway, you are very kind

    Erica, you are hot, congratulations !! Even if my fav Sixers dancer is another brunette, forgot the name

    I decided to carry on my campaign for the jerseys until the end of the season, then I will update all readers about the results. We are doing a good job and Sixers know that, they are aware of this thing going on…

  3. Kate said

    See you updated for the big Eastern Conference Finals! Much appreciated! And yes that is Erica. Photo from left to right, Melanie, Vi, and Erica. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  4. ahahahah, Kate you heard my appeal, great… you are welcome

    so Erica is the beautiful brunette, cool, but send me a nice pic with you, next time I’ll put that !! I mean, always better than any Reggie Evans or Calvin Booth pic 🙂

  5. sixers29 said

    Hi Ricky, how are you?
    Look this great article about Mo Cheeks and our GM,

    See you soon,

  6. Dannie said

    Our Sixers ladies should win this one by a landslide. Miami Heat dancers don’t even compare. I am partial to Vi – I see her and think Lucy Lu and that is a HUGE compliment. Hey Kate, where is your picture?

  7. Dannie, true about the Lucy Lu thing ! I was watching the pic and thinking “uhm… this reminds me of…” but couldn’t figure that out… thanks for the help, LOL.

    Kate, everyone is looking for your pic, u see? So send one !!

    Sixers29, thanks for the article hermano, nice reading indeed.

    I have a nice present for you, in case you are having my same troubles finding the games on the Tnternet over the last days… email me at 😉

  8. sixerguy said

    do you guys even know of another asian woman besides Lucy Lu off the top of your heads?

  9. abdul said

    hi sixe babe

  10. bashir said

    i love you

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