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Your normal Game 2 (Pistons 1, Sixers 1)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 24, 2008


The 105-88 loss of last night is exactly the game that we were expecting. Even in Game 1, I mean.

Pistons absolutely destroyed the Sixers, outplaying us in every possible way and the final score doesn’t even give the idea of how hard we got beat.

I don’t think it’s necessary to recap the game, let’s say we could stay with Detroit only in the FIRST QUARTER and only because it lasted 12 minutes (LOL).

Andre Miller’s (lucky) bank shot at the buzzer made it 25-18, putting an end to a lesson of playoffs basketball. I would say ‘Detroit playoffs basketball’ if the expression wouldn’t remind me of that annoying chorus that you hear there….

To sum it up, Pistons played a damn stifling defense, pushing us to shoot FOUR AIRBALLS in the period, that Iguodala ended with 0/6, while Sixers as a team were 3/14 initially.

On the other side, Rasheed Wallace did his job, exactly like in game 1, scoring 11 points with a conbination of low post moves over Dalembert (embarassed in every one-on-one situation) and a long three. Thaddeus Young was the only effective Sixers, with 6 points off some nice offensive rebounds.

The SECOND QUARTER was simply ugly for us: without Dalembert, Pistons found their way to the basket for easy layups, lifted by Stuckley (4 quick points off the bench) and Maxiell. Mc Dyess and Tayshaun Prince did the rest, with a set of drives, baby hooks and mid range jumpers that no Sixer could limit.

That series of baskets was boosted by another horrible sequence: Sixers turned the ball over on three consecutive, key possessions, twice by Willie Green who took some dumb decisions: so from 43-33 it became 49-33 soon, and 53-36 at the half. No match really.

The THIRD QUARTER was basically garbage time: a frustrated Iguodala started it with a charge, and his first and only field goal of the night marked the 60-40 (8.00 to play)…. Before that, Willie Green had a wondeful block on Rip Hamilton, but the ball went to Billups who connected for a three, his first basket (56-37). A sign that it wasn’t our night.

From thereon, the game was good only for highlight reel: Maxiell’s block on Jason Smith, Maxiell’s reverse dunk on Jason Smith (in the picture), a couple of dunks by a spirited Rodney Carney – who played only he last 36 seconds in the first half…. Lou Williams filled his stat line with some jumpers and free throws, but forcing too many shots: he sometimes tends to do that when the game is over, instead of making the team play, and I don’t like it.

So here are some extra thoughts.

1) When Reggie Evans (great game again, much respect) is your MVP two nights in a row, you do have a problem

2) when your supposed-to-be franchise player shoots 5/24 in two games, he’s not helping you (I’m pulling a Sherlock Holmes here…) 

3) when your starting center shoots 3/16 in two games, he’s not helping you either (see above)

4) (Ricky = the guido Einstein) when the two of them shoot for a combined 8/40 in two games (20%), you have a big problem

In general, every shot by Iguodala was contested, with Tayshaun’s long arms stretched over him while Sam, simply, has zero reliable offensive moves to count on, and it shows. We will probably (or hopefully) see more of Rodney Carney in game 3 if Iguodala’s struggles will continue.

5) Andre MIller didn’t have a fun night as well, often double teamed by Pistons big men: he had to stop his dribble many times, trapped in a corner, and couldn’t find the open team mate. He had some nice cuts and offensive rebounds to put some points on the boxscore, though, his experience helped him being somehow useful for the team.

6) Pistons got too many offensive rebounds and second chance points killed us: don’t look at the boxscore, it doesn’t tell you the truth on this

So are Sixers headed to a quick exit after this bad loss?

Maybe not, it was simply a reality check that could be useful and that we could work/build on. We have to learn the lesson and make adjustments. Our confidence shouldn’t be diminished, we still have home court advantage (!) and in the packed, roaring Wachovia center it would be a different story. Go Sixers !!!


Shooting 4/8 from the line in the pivotal second quarter wasn’t exactly enjoyable – Iguodala threw an embarassing brick in the fourth, that nearly crashed the board, and after that smarty decided not to shoot anymore – Dear Jason Smith, you know I like you, you are my dude etc but how about grabbing a f’n defensive rebound? Zero in 20 minutes of action… – Mo Cheeks called time out after 1.30 played in the fourth, with the score at 88-65 !

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  1. charlie said

    AH! 95-75!!

    sammy d for president

  2. nice comment but on the wrong post Charlie, LOL

    Recap of game 3 up on S4G in few minutes

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