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Sixers wind blowing (Pistons 1, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 26, 2008


I don’t know if there are Reggie Evans groupies yet. If not, time to create a group of them.

Evans, a reborn Dalembert and Andre Miller were – in this order, to me – our key players in the 95-75 unexpected thrashing of the Pistons in game 3.

This means few things:

1) my 4-1 Pistons prediction is already off the mark (and I love it, of course…)

2) young Sixers are psychologically more solid and mature than we all thought, bouncing back from the blow out of game 2 and answering it with another blow out. This against a veteran team that was supposed to regain the lead of the series, also mentally I mean, after the “distraction” of game 1. It didn’t happen, I see.

3) Pistons might still win the series, of course, but after these three games they are actually closer to a memorable collapse than to a “routine” advancement to the second round. Some signs (looks, faces, body language etc) should worry a lil bit their hot fans.

4) the most worrying fact for Detroit should be that Sixers are up 2-1 with their best player completely out of the series. Andre Iguodala had another bad game last night, but we still won, with no real struggles. This tells us a lot about the team’s capability to find other solutions, with different players stepping up. The only Reggie Evans (+ the wonderful Thaddeus Young, but with less impact) has played very well all three games

5) Billups – a player I am a big fan of – the heart, the soul and the brain of the Pistons, has been completely outplayed by Andre Miller so far, and Pistons bench has never left a sign on the games. Twentyfive turnovers is an impressive stat for a team like Detroit, that averaged only 11 in the regular season (#1 in the NBA).

Few flashes from all periods.

In the FIRST QUARTER Sixers started with a 6-0 run, and Pistons first possessions were an airball (Mc Dyess) and a bad turnover (Billups). Pistons stayed in the game because Tayshaun Prince was very effective on both ends of the floor, scoring at will and pushing Iguodala to take bad, forced shots from the perimeter. Andre, take it to the rim please….

Reggie Evans sparked us in the SECOND QUARTER, stripping Rasheed and going coast to coast to draw a foul and, later, scoring on an (unlikely, let’s be honest !!) fallaway jumper. Sam Dalembert gave him a lot of help, including a nice jump hook and a sweet mid range jumper.

But Sixers built their win in the pivotal THIRD QUARTER, starting hot and connecting on all of their first four shots: it was 56-46 when Thaddeus Young made a pair from the line with 8.30 to play. Hamilton’s fourth foul anticipated a sequence by Reggie Evans that made me scream of joy: offensive foul drawn by Wallace, 2/2 from the line, another offensive foul drawn by Prince: the crowd went wild (in the picture). Iguodala capped that with a layup for the 64-50.

Pistons started a streak of consecutive misses that reached fourteen (!!) and that continued also in the beginning of the FOURTH QUATER, until a goaltending called on Evans ended it at seventeen (!!!!!). Too late, because Carney had already scored the first four points of the period (74-55), a lead that Miller quicky lifted over twenty with a coast to coast (78-57, 9 minutes to go).

Then the fun began, with Sam Dalembert dunking everything, Lou Williams completing nice plays and even Shavlik Randolph scoring the first playoffs points of his career.

What a night !!


I didn’t check but I’m pretty sure Pistons shot 8/35 in the second half, with two field goals coming in the last minutes of garbage time – Mc Dyess had to leave the game with a broken nose with the score at 56-46: Iguodala accidentally hit him – Thaddeus Young was hit in the nose as well, after a hard foul by Maxiell – The only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that we are making a favor to the Celtics… even getting the Pistons tired, I mean, reguardless of the final outcome of the series – No sell out ????? 18.805 fans is pretty disappointing… they were loud, though.

4 Responses to “Sixers wind blowing (Pistons 1, Sixers 2)”

  1. ugh.

  2. lol

  3. ikar said

    2 more and than orlando… or toronto 🙂

  4. sixers29 said

    Incredible win!!! My prediction was 2-4,hehe. GO SIXERS!!!

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