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Detroit just being Detroit (Pistons 3, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 30, 2008


Not much to say about Pistons’ 98-81 win of last night, really.

You just “copy & paste” game 2, and the recap of game 2, and you know what happened yesterday at the Palace.

It was Pistons from start to finish, no need to go quarter-by-quarter.  

The game basically ended after the first period (35-21), with Pistons shooting 15/19 (!), led by Billups, who had 14 points on 4/5, including two threes, to go with seven assists !!

The only sign of life by the Sixers was when Iguodala stripped Prince to feed Thaddeus Young on a fastbreak for a nice layup: it was 10-10, but a 16-2 Pistons run immediately followed that beatiful play.

Iguodala had finally a good game, but unfortunately with ZERO IMPACT on the team’s performance. Not blaming him again, of course, just stating a fact. Iggy went 4/4 in the first period, but fellow Andre shot 1/8, promptly extended to 1/10 at the beginning of the second, when he was finally pulled out.

Miller’s poor game (the first of the series, to be honest, so not sayin it’s his fault, or not only his) had a negative effect on the whole team, literally kicked in the butt for 48 minutes, while Pistons guards and Rasheed with his effective inside-outside game were partying all night.

By halftime Billups & Rip had a combined 29 points on 12/19 from the field, while Miller & Green had 14 on 5/18, including Miller getting blocked three times (see the pic…). Another stat gives you a sign of what happened in the first half: Detroit had fifteen assists, Sixers five. The 54-42 score at the break was even a bargain for us, especially considering that Billups went 0/2 from the line with just 1 second before the horn.

Nevermind, Pistons’ lead in the third was quicky extended to sixteen (60-44, 9.20 to play) and it was Thaddeus Young accidentally tapping the ball in our basket (!!) to make it twenty: 68-48. Need more signs that it wasn’t our night?

Everything went in the best way for Detroit, unlikely shots to beat the shot clock, threes (6/10 at one point in the third), dunks, blocks (a ton of them) and Sixers helped their opponenents in many ways, including a lane violation by Evans on a Green’s (made) foul shot.

I think/hope in game 6 it will be a different story, and I hope the Wachovia center will be finally sold out….

Let’s make another effort, young Sixers !


Refs weren’t good – All of Maxiell’s three field goals were dunks, one better than the other – I would like to see more of Carney in the next game – The best Sixers play of the night came when Iguodala slammed home a lob by Lou Williams catching the ball with one hand: too bad it was garbage time already – At the end of the third (79-59), Pistons were shooting 33/55, Sixers 22/55… – Samuel Dalembert’s mohawk haircut is something that I can’t describe. I’ll try to find a pic – Maurice Cheeks came third in the Coach of the Year award run, (deservely) won by Byron Scott. Congrats to both guys.

I will be out with wifey for few days, I don’t know if and when I will be able to watch game 6 and post about it. In case, will you survive ???

2 Responses to “Detroit just being Detroit (Pistons 3, Sixers 2)”

  1. Brown Pants the Magnificent said

    I think Ronnie James Dio put it best when he said…

    Holy Diver
    You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea
    Oh what’s becoming of me

    Ride the tiger
    You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean
    Oh don’t you see what I mean

    Gotta get away
    Holy Diver

    That’s the Sixers right now in a nutshell. It’s easy to understand that. Now what are they gonna do about it? Huh? I, for one, expect them to blossom like tulips in the Spring… and not to shrivel up like raisins in the Summer sun. Let’s go Sixers, let’s go Sixers! Ohhhh man… it’s easy to get worked up, right? One never knows what’s going to happen. You know what I mean? Absolutely anything can happen in these crazy days of the NBA playoffs. That’s why we watch! Diggity diggity dag, y’all!!! We crave excitement and long for the unexpected… we want to be swept away into a world we’ve never experienced! Climb on board, matey! That’s what I say. Climb… on… board!!! It’s time to roll!

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