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Detroit has a new/old fan (Pistons 4, Sixers 2)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 8, 2008


I am back home after a 4 days romantic trip to Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet !) with my wife, finally back blogging also.

I am changing job & town in the next weeks, so it’s possible that new posts and updates will have some pauses.

Anyway I’ll have BIG NEWS SOON, so give me a free pass and stay tuned on Sixers4guidos.

So the Sixers season is over after the 77-100 loss to the Pistons in game 6 of the first round: 4-2, end. While I’m typing this post, Detroit has a 2-1 lead over Orlando in the second round.

Of course no need to recap the game one week after it was played, and also because it was another blowout (2-15 Detroit to start it, 12-30 after the first quarter, 33-51 at the half…).

I’ll just point out some things, the feelings I had after the end of the series.

1) Detroit deserved to advance, of course. Can’t argue with three consecutive wins after trailing 1-2, also because the wins came in a pretty impressive way. The best team won, simple as that.

2) I am VERY HAPPY with what Sixers did in the season and in the series. Idiots complaining about the 2-1 lead we had, about the collapses in the last two games, about Iguodala’s (actual) shortcomings, perhaps forget where did we come from.

So I’d better remind you: a 40-42 regular season record, and this after a year in which many thought we’d end dead last in the Conference. Sixers overachieved, both in the regular season and in playoffs, so cut the BS criticisms this time !!!

3) I’m EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that Sixers fans (in the pic, a cool one) couldn’t sell the arena out in none of the three games played in Philly. I even heard some boos in game 6… typical Philly.

Fortunately the fans few left until the end of that (bad) game, gave our guys and the coach the standing ovation they totally deserved for this wonderful season.

4) I will root for the Pistons during these playoffs.

I always liked the Pistons, since the Bad Boys era, and the fact they kicked us out of the playoffs in our last three appearances, will not change this feeling.

Stefanski stated many times that Detroit should be a model for the Sixers (last one mentioned in this article by Bob Ford), and I like this too, I hope in 2-3 years we can reach that level.


a brand new home page, with cool graphics !!!

* a Sixer-by-Sixer breakdown of the 2007/2008 season, starting with Andre Miller.

* results of a poll among Sixers bloggers, giving the 2007/2008 Sixers awards

* (hopefully) a surprise from the Sixers franchise, that I’ve been in contact with, even today. I’m waiting for some answers about a “sensitive” topic I’ve been bringing up over the last months… 

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