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Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown: Andre Miller

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 8, 2008


Sixers4guidos starts its player-by-player analysis of the season with the guy who in my humble opinion should receive the ‘Sixers MVP award’, point guard Andre Miller.


Miller had arguably the best season of his career.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you should know I am not a stat maniac, but his 17 PPG and .492 % FG (both career highs) are pretty impressive, especially coming at 32 y/o. 

Seven assists for 2.5 turnovers is a nice ratio as well, considering he plays 36 minutes in an up tempo team.

He’s always been known more as a playmaker than a scorer, but this year we saw that in the right system he can be also a reliable #2 option for his team, carrying the load offensively in many nights. He often knocked down clutch shots down the stretch, which never hurts….

My rate for Andre Miller is 9 (scale is from 1 to 10, being 10 the top).


Basically all: leadership, scoring, passing, shooting, rebounding, in that order.

Dude played in 733 of his possible 736 games in the NBA (!!!), is solid as a rock (knock on wood) and a great presence in the locker room. He’s one of the best players to set up his team mates in the NBA. Alley oops, passes from the dribble, passes for the man coming off screens are his bread-and-butter.

He also gives Sixers the best low post presence offensively, which is sad and true at the same time, but not for Andre’s fault !!!


Not much, honestly. He notoriously has troubles guarding smaller, quicker opponents that like to drive to the hoop (Chris Paul and Deron Williams had fantastic nights vs Sixers), but I challenge you to name me a player that can limit the guys I mentioned…

Billups killed him in the last two games of the playoffs, but Miller gave him the same treatment in the first games, so I’d say INDIVIDUALLY that particular match up ended with a tie. He surely didn’t come up short in the post season.


Uhm, can a guy get better at 32 y/o ? Maybe he could work on getting in a better shape for the start of the season, he usually starts slow, for his own admission.


Keep him, he was the key of Sixers’ successful season…. I think only Calderon will be an upgrade over Andre Miller right now, but I doubt Raptors will let him go.

Unlike many Sixers fans, who think he’s more of a SG, in my opinion Lou Williams CAN play the point full time, but he still has to learn from Miller… that’s why I say wait at least one more season with Andre at the helm, keeping Lou coming off the bench, and see if he can improve his playmaking skills seeing what Andre does. 

Then, if it will be clear that Lou can’t/will not play PG, extend Miller even after 2009.

People who want to trade Andre MIller now should remember that his 10 mill coming off the books in the summer of 2009 will be even more that the current asset later, when we’ll approach next year’s trade deadline….

(Up next: Willie Green)

7 Responses to “Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown: Andre Miller”

  1. sixerzguy said

    Ricky, Andre Miller was fantastic. I think one of the things that happened in the playoffs was that he just got tired. He was on The Wages of Wins Journal’s list of the top 15 PGs of 2007-2008, and of all the guys, he played the most minutes. If we’re signing him long-term, Mo cannot let that happen again; I want Miller at around 30 mins/game from now on. It makes me wonder if one key free agent signing we need to have is a veteran backup point guard Mo would trust (but better than Kevin Ollie), just to give our best player more rest. Maybe we trade Willie Green for that guy? Mike James? Or Mo just gives LouWill more playing time at the point, using him primarily as Miller’s backup. Miller is 32! There’s no way he should be playing more minutes than Chris Paul!

  2. welcome to Sixers4guidos Sixerzguy. So now we have Sixerguy and you, I have to be careful with the names 🙂

    I agree with you, he was fantastic. Honestly Miller’s age should NOT be a concern in my opinion, he never had bad injuries (double knock on wood) and, mainly, his style of basketball does not rely much on athleticism: I think he has at least two more years at this level + maybe 2-3 in a reserve role in a top team (like Gary Payton, say, or Mark Jackson did)

    As for Sixers options at PG, next year I would love to see if Lou Williams can be our future point guard by giving him more minutes and, mainly, playing him more at the point

    And yes, we would need a 3rd PG also, since Ollie will (hopefully, LOL) hang ’em up. How about giving a chance to Koponen? Play him in the Summer League !

  3. sixerzguy said

    Ricky, since you’re in Europe, and maybe you watch Euroleague, I thought maybe you’d seen these guys in action: Danilo Gallinari, Nicolas Batum, Alexis Ajinca and Nikola Pekovic. How do you feel about those guys in Sixers unis? Gallinari probably won’t be around when we pick, but there’s a chance we trade down and be in a slot where we could pick him up. The others will definitely be around at 16.

  4. […] with our friend over at Sixers 4 Guidos (love the new banner by the way Ricky!). Ricky is doing a Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown just as we are here on the Recliner. He has started with in both our opinions the team MVP Andre […]

  5. sixers29 said

    Hey Ricky,
    I like the new look of SIXERS4GUIDOS!!!
    Miller was our best player and did a fantastic job. Saludos!!

  6. sixers29 said

    Hey Ricky, have you seen the new poll at

  7. Sixerzguy, a post on Gallinari will be up on S4G before the draft, anfd I’ll try to collect more info about the other guys you mentioned

    Sixers29, thanks for the feedback, very kind from you
    And yes, I saw the poll about the logo at, I voted for the old logo of course !!

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