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Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown: Willie Green

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 18, 2008


Guys, sorry for the absence of these days but I’m changing job, town, house and I’m pretty busy… this will last some more weeks.

Time to go on with Sixers4guidos’ analysis, with a post about shooting guard Willie Green, the player I loved to hate over the last years. Now it’s payback time for Willie, let’s give him his props.


Just like Andre Miller, Willie Green had his best season ever, reaching career highs in games played (74, all of them as a starter), minutes played (26.6), FG % (.436), rebounds (2.5), assist (2 !), and points (12.4).

Willie won the competition for the starting spot at SG with Carney – a competition that apperently didn’t even start… – and was effective all year, providing Sixers his best asset, the ability to score. Green is instant offense and you can count on that.

My rate for Willie Green is 8 (scale is from 1 to 10, being 10 the top).


He did well everything he is good at: transition game, fastbreaks, drives, some outside shooting. Green is also an ok defender, thanks to his strong legs, and it’s difficult to see him burned by his opponent: we’re not talking about a Bruce Bowen or a James Posey, of course, but he’s not the kind of player that makes coaches mad in his half court. 100% effort is always guaranteed.

Green improved a lot in his shot selection – one of the reasons why he draw so much criticisms over the years and made FANS mad… – played more under control, believe it or not, and learned to get more often to the line, something he really lacked before.

Free throw pct also improved, from the horrible 66,7 % of last year to a respectable 75,7 %. Same for his passing ability and understaning of when giving the ball.


In his “off” nights Green can still drive you nuts and destroy any kind of offensive flow with rushed shots, one-vs-three drives, charges. There were some of those also this year.

Passing is still an optional for him: a season high seven, two games with six dimes but twelve with zero.

His numbers dropped in the playoffs, but less than those of more celebrated colleagues….


Outside/three point shooting. Sixers desperately need that, and everybody knows it. 

If Green could become a more reliable shooter, the team will be really stronger.


If we want to trade him, this summer will be the best moment to do it.

His value is at an all time high, I honestly doubt that Willie could get significantly better than he is now and I think there might be several teams, also very good ones, where Green would be very useful.

I am thinking about New Orleans, that had to play a declining Mo Peterson at the STARTING SG spot all year, but also San Antonio (Finley is the shadow of his old self), or Cleveland, not to mention a lot of weaker teams that need scoring: Seattle, Miami etc.

If we want to make the Sixers a real contender, we have to think about a better solution at SG (= we could put Green in some package to get a stud PF), but Willie could be nice as 6th-7th man off the bench: similar thoughts were made for Reggie Evans, an excellent role player who SHOULD NOT start in a serious team.

(Up next: Andre Iguodala)

Already published: Andre Miller.

4 Responses to “Sixer-by-Sixer 07/08 breakdown: Willie Green”

  1. Joe said

    I disagree with your evaluation of Willie Green. He is an undersized SG that plays below average defense. He can’t pass, rebound, force turnovers, or most importantly hit a 3.

    He has no worth in the open market due to his contract mostly, which pays him a steep rate for 3 years, which is a long time.

    Hornets, Spurs need 3 point shooters. They have no interest. Seattle aren’t going to take PT from their young potential and give it to Willie… makes no sense. Heat have Ricky Davis who is better in every aspect of the game and would rather evaluate talent than get Willie.

    The Sixers are stuck with Willie for at least one more year. After next season… he will only have 2 years left and then I think his deal could be one a team blowing itself up would be willing to take in a deal.

    Those career highs are flat out horrible as well.

  2. Joe thanks for commenting on S4G

    I think our views on Green are much closer than you might think. I didn’t, don’t, and won’t like Green, but I appreciate his indisputable improvements. Remember we are talking about a 2nd round pick that worked his butt off, enough to reach the status of legit NBA player.

    No superstar, of course, but a decent rotation man that can be useful, with his skills and his flaws.

    Hornets already have the best 3 pt shooter in the league + Pargo off the bench, Green will surely be an upgrade over Mo Peterson, (which is not saying much, I know…), Spurs need fresh blood, THIS Finley is honestly unwatchable.
    You are right about Seattle, but you forget Ricky Davis is a FA: as for talent, he has more than Green ever will, but I’m pretty sure 90% of NBA coaches would take Willie over the fellow Ricky, the headcase

    “Those career highs are flat out horrible as well”

    This is true, LOL. But remember where did he come from, that’s my point.

    You made good points anyway, follow my next posts, I am curious to know your opinions about the others !

  3. 215Guy said

    An 8!???!? More like a 2 at best.

    You must be mistaken.

    You did watch Bill Green this year, right?

    He doesn’t pass at ALL! He shouldn’t even be on the court, hes awful, doesn’t play a lick of D, and doesn’t pass the ball. Stefanski understands this as well and you will soon see Bill Greens minutes get squeezed out. He will slowly become a staple at the end of our bench who makes more money then he should ever be entitled too.

  4. 215 guy,

    u r being way too hard on Green. Try to be more objective, please.

    Again, I AM NOT A GREEN FAN, I USED TO ABSOLUTELY HATE HIM, but if you read again what I wrote in my original post and in the comment above yours, you will understand why I think THIS YEAR he deserves props.

    Is Willie Green a great player, a starter in a serious playoffs team? NO.

    Has he improved a lot this year and was effective, contributing to Sixers’ very good season? YES.

    If Green’s minutes will be “squeezed out” because a better player will take his minutes I will be more than happy !! Everybody understands that this year he ‘had to’ start because the other options were simply worse…

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