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A time out for Sixers4guidos

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 7, 2008

Guys I know posts have been lacking here lately, I apologize.

I just changed job, town (moved to Milan) and I don’t have a fast connection home yet, and I don’t even know when I’ll be able to get it.

So cut me some slack, be patient. Last thing I posted was this prediction on Don’s “With malice” blog, about the outcome of the NBA Finals (because two teams are currently playing in the Finals, right?).

For good Sixers coverage while I’m out log on to the best Sixers blogs out there, like Depressed Fan, Recliner GM, Passion and Pride, Los Sixers de Philadelphia and others: take a look at the blog roll on your right.

In the mean time, if you didn’t do it before, sign my Sixers uniforms campaign, and vote for Sixers’ old logo (option B) on the poll on the front page of

This was just to say S4G is not dead and never will, hopefully I’ll be back at full time soon, with the rest of the “player-by-player” posts.

4 Responses to “A time out for Sixers4guidos”

  1. sixers29 said

    Hey Ricky,
    don’t worry, and I wish you a good luck with your new job in Milan. Oh, thanks so much for the mention. Best wishes,

  2. Hope you’ll make it back in time for coverage of the draft. No Sixers blog even compare to yours. You have, by far, the best Sixers blog out there.

    Who do you think the Sixers will go for in the draft?

  3. thanks guys, you are very kind

    I’ll be back in few days apparently.

    All Philadelphia Sports, I don’t follow college bball that much, I will try to learn more over these days

    later fellas

  4. Hello:

    Eye would like to use the Time Out picture[…] in my upcoming book, “A Wound Up Clock Run Off Of Loose Springs & Sprockets”

    Please Advise,

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