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Old Sixers unis look great on Brand, BRING THEM BACK !

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 10, 2008

(I thought the “Brand new Sixers”, titles were played out, but I saw that still somebody was creative enough to come up with that strong imagination effort…)

Ok, how about this sequence:

1) Elton Brand signed with the Sixers

2) He posed with the old, classic Sixers uniforms we love (see the pic, thanks to reader Hawk3 for sharing it: you can take a look at his nice Sixers photos here)

3) Sixers4guidos reached its all time peak of traffic

I think the three facts are related even more than it shows. Ok, of course you don’t care about 3), but many of you care about the Bring the old Sixers uniforms back ! petition I started last February. I saw that yesterday that post had hundreds of hits, and many other fans signed up over the last 24 hrs (feel free to continue…).

As I told you back in the past months, I’ve been in contact with the Sixers franchise (marketing and PR dept) about the old uniforms topic, and that they are carefully following what is going on about this “sensitive subject” (I’m using their own words).

Well, what happened yesterday during the press conference of Elton Brand had wasn’t simply a coincidence, I guess. Sixers decide to make Brand wear THE CLASSIC UNIFORMS OF THEIR TRADITION for his first official shooting. The outcome was simply great. New, great player + old uniforms = two dreams come true.

Now can we please complete the job and BRING THEM BACK FULL TIME, dumping the horrible black/gold unis of the past years and, while we are at it, RESTORE THE OLD LOGO WITH THE BASKETBALL, flushing down the current, ugly one ???? Thanks !

Sixersholics (ugly word, I know…) will perhaps remember that at the end of the season published a poll asking fans to vote for their favorite Sixers logo. Guess what, the old logo won

Good days are coming, let’s hope that Sixers unis of the 1983 can lead us to those results again

8 Responses to “Old Sixers unis look great on Brand, BRING THEM BACK !”

  1. Welcome back Ricky. I glad the uniform campaign is doing well. The Sixers front office needs to pull the trigger. The ’83 uniform on Brand looks oh so good.

  2. Thanks bro, I just knew from a more than reliable source inside the franchise that we have a POWERFUL ALLY INSIDE THE SIXERS that likes the old uniforms… more to come soon, stay tuned !!

  3. […] wow good did the old Sixers uni look on Brand in that photo shoot? Do yourself a favor and go sign Sixers4guido’s petition to bring back the classic […]

  4. amishland pops said

    I’M lovin this guido site and the old jerseys.

  5. Zack said


    I, too, am a “Sixerholic”. You are not alone…

  6. Zack said

    This guy Jordan is covering the Sixers summer league action in-depth:

  7. Juan Camilo said

    hey ricky my fiend!! estos dias han sido de mucha felicidad para toda la aficion de los Sixers imaginate traer a Elton Brand es una noticia maravillosa!! por cierto como van las negociaciones con Iguodala?? es fundamental que el se quede en Philly ojala y asi sea

    pd: de casualidad viste Miss Universo?? viste a la representante de Colombia eso es una muestra de lo hermosa que son nuestras mujeres


    From Colombia


  8. Amishland Pops, thanks for the props (LOL)

    Zach, thanks, good to know there’s a bunch of us. I added Sixersoul to my blogroll, very nice site !

    Juan Camilo, welcome back ! I took a quick look at Miss Universe on some site and I saw a girl from Venezuela won, any pic of the colombian chick ???? Always good to go off topic, LOL !!

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