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Drive us to the Promised Land !!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on August 8, 2008


Dear Andre Iguodala,

I’m leaving for vacation, I will be back on Sun 24th.

While I’ll be away, CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN THAT CONTRACT with the Sixers so that we can stop being worried, fill blogs, sites, forums with BS and focus only about basketball?

We would like you to join this wonderful team and be one of the leaders of the upcoming, exciting Sixers season. We need you to complete what it already looks like a nice picture.

Thanks and regards from Guidoland.


(on a side note, on a couple of forums I’ve read that apparently Jason Smith suffered a serious injury that could even sideline him out for the whole season. No official statements yet, so this has to be confirmed.

If it will, I would be really sad because I like the guy and his Summer League play was very encouraging. Let’s hope for the best, we need the dude healthy. In culo alla balena, Jason)


2 Responses to “Drive us to the Promised Land !!!”

  1. GreggyD said

    I got the report on Friday that Smith tore his ACL. That would really suck because I was expecting big things from him this year and I think he would’ve lived up to those expectations.

  2. The injury to Jason Smith unfortunatey is confirmed, I received a press release directly from Sixers PR dept about it (!).
    No scheduled time for his return yet but clearly it’s a serious thing and his season could already be over. That really sucks.

    ESPN is reporting that Iguodala is close to sign a 6 year-80 mill contract. My (quick) take before leaving: TOO MUCH $, but it’s great that we kept Andre. I have faith in Stefanski I assume he knows better than us what he’s doing !

    Also don’t forget that next season we have a 10 mill contract expiring, so we will have some flexibility, and that Stefanski already showed he is able to create cap space… we’ll be fine

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