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What I missed during vacation

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on August 25, 2008

Here we are, blogging again after a well deserved 9 day vacation in the beatiful island of Zanzibar (Africa).

So what did I miss in the meantime? In chronological order:

1) Iguodala was officially signed to a 6 year-80 million extention (the pic shows that both him and Stefanski were happy for the deal…)

2) Sixers brought back Theo Ratliff, signed to a 1 year contract for the veteran minimum

3) Sixers’ GM Ed Stefanski made a conference call with a panel of selected bloggers.

Brian/Depressed fan has the links to all posts of other sites, has the transcript of the conference, Recliner GM has the podcast.

I had the privilege to get the invitation to the conference from Micheal Preston, Sixers’ PR director (thanks again), but unfortunately couldn’t join it because I was out. I will surely be part of the next one, scheduled… well, they don’t know yet, but it will be before the season starts.

Anyway it’s great to see that Sixers keep us bloggers/fans in such high consideration, and that a GM takes some of his time to talk directly to us. This is something new in the NBA, as far as I know, and hopefully it becomes a trend and eventually a standard for every team. Hats off to Stefanski and the Sixers’ public relations dept for setting up this.

4) Sixers brought back Jeff Ruland also, this time as an assistant coach

5) USA Team won the gold medal at the Olympics in China, beating Spain after a fantastic game. 

My quick takes on the aforementioned subjects are:

1) good move overall, but with some further thoughts. It’s great to have Iguodala locked for so long, but the amount of money seems really too high, considering Iguodala’s poor playoffs and almost the fact that NO OTHER TEAM was able to make him a big offer – that we eventually couldn’t match, I mean.

So if it was Billy King doing it, I’d definitely say he overpaid Andre, but since it was Stefanski… well, he probably knew what he was doing !

2) great move. We needed a veteran back up C, especially after the bad injury occured to Jason Smith shortened the big men rotation. Theo will provide what we need, quality minutes of (still) intimidating presence, rebounding, playoffs experience, hard working attitude. Also he’s a good guy, fans still love him and he comes for cheap… what else would you want ???

3) great stuff. I also love what Stefanski said about Iguodala, Thaddeus Young and Willie Green, read carefully.

4) I don’t know, honestly. Ruland basically replaces Henry Bibby, it has to be determined what happened between him and Cheeks, assuming there was something wrong, of course. Ruland’s resume as a coach is nothing to be excited for, actually, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

5) the final game between USA and Spain was something that will remain in the books, but I think USA team was poorly selected and poorly coached, despite the plethora of bball “minds” working at the project. So I will not follow the chorus of enthusiastic, in some cases pathetically celebrative, reports I’m reading. More to come about this soon.

The more I think about the upcoming season, the more I am pumped about this new Sixers team.

(on a side note, former Sixer Gordan Giricek went to Turkey, where he will play for Fenerbahce… sretan put, Gordane, neces nam nedostajati !)

6 Responses to “What I missed during vacation”

  1. matto said

    one thing I love about the blog is when you do an analysis of a new player as seen from their old team. Are you going to do one with Ratliff?

  2. Matto, thanks for commenting, welcome to S4G.

    Actually we all know Theo pretty well, but yeah, why not, let’s try to have an update from some Pistons fans. If they will be so kind to answer to my questions, a post will be up soon.

  3. Juan Camilo said

    1—Ricky My Friend!!!! I hope your Vacations was very good with a lot of Beers Included hahahaha

    2—Bueno en cuanto a lo de Iguodala estoy de acuerdo contigo me parece que pagamos mucho dinero por el pero bueno ojala Andre deje atras esa mala actuacion en los Playoffs y venga con todo en la temporada!!!

    3 Welcome Back Ratliff, regresa desde aquella vez que fue cambiado por Mutombo en la inolvidable temporada 2000-20001


    From Colombia


  4. sixers29 said

    Hi my friend Ricky,
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your vacations. The new Iguodala’s nickname should be “Mr. Money in the Bank”. I don’t like his new contract, too much money for him.

    Best wishes,

    ps. I didn’t receive an invitation from the Sixers, agrrrr!! ha,ha. By the way, you deserve more invitations from the Sixers, you are a great blogger and a loyal sixers fan.

  5. thank to both my latin friends, Juan Camilo and Sixers29

    I agree with you guys that Iguodala got way more then he deserved, that surprised me a little bit and I wrote it immediately, but let’s see how he will do now that he feels “safe”

    as for the invitation I’ll email you the contact with Sixers PR dept, they are very kind and I’m 100% sure you deserve to be part of the next conference call, your blog is great and it gathers a lot of Sixer fans from a big, important country like Spain

    Hasta luego !

  6. sixers29 said

    Thanks Ricky. By the way, I’ve read a few weeks ago that you are going to Philly. If you need some information about hotels, restaurants, …. ask to me via email.

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