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Donyell Marshall at Amundson’s spot

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 2, 2008

Yeah, that’s right: the end of the bench.

Phil Jasner is informing us that the 35 y/o forward will join the Sixers for the veteran minimum of 1.2 million.

Marshall should be known to every Sixers fan because of a memorable game of March 2005 in which he dropped TWELVE THREES on our team, then coached by Jim O’ Brien, to tie a NBA record and lead the Raptors to a 128-110 win. Enjoy our tough defense that night (click here if the video below doesn’t work):

Of course the current Donyell Marshall is far from being that effective (not to mention he won’t find similar horrid defenses…) but I think this is a good move. We didn’t have any real SF to back up Thaddeus Young (a solution there would have been switching Iguodala at the three, with Rush, Green or Williams at the two): Marshall can smoke weed hit a three, has playoffs experience and after all will barely play.

In such a young team some good veterans will have to play a role of teaching the game to their team mates, being a presence in the locker room and in practice, and being ready when there will be need.

Right now Sixer’s roster is set like this:

PG: Andre Miller/Louis Williams/Royal Ivey

SG: Andre Iguodala/Kareem Rush/Willie Green

SF: Thaddeus Young/Donyell Marshall

PF: Elton Brand/Reggie Evans, Marreese Speights

C: Sam Dalembert/Theo Ratliff + Jason Smith

That is a total of 14 players under contract: Jason Smith is out indefinitely so it’s more like 13 guys. Only twelve can dress up for a game, and this could mean that Cheeks will have to keep one of the aforementioned out. I think at the beginning of the season it could be Ivey or Speights to wear a suit instead of the Sixers uniform.

I am not worried at all for this, and if you think that last year we had Kevin Ollie, Calvin “His uglyness”  Booth and Louis Amundson in the spots now covered by Ivey, Theo and Marshall, you should realize how big of an improvement Sixers made also at the end of the bench.

Welcome Donyell, let’s see how many threes you can hit playing FOR the Sixers !

3 Responses to “Donyell Marshall at Amundson’s spot”

  1. Layne Barney said

    I thins Amundson will be a contributor in phoenix… this guy keeps geeting better… he had six teams…. trying to sign him… those in the know like him…

  2. Layne, welcome to S4G and thanks for leaving a comment

    I wrote it before, I honestly think Amundson doesn’t belong to the NBA, the guy is a C in a SF’s body (LOL)

    Seriously, he’s not big enough to play C and not skilled enough, physically and fundamentally, to play PF. He could be good here in Europe but in the NBA his best case scenario would be the 12th man in a bad team, I’m afraid.

    Not sure how can u say he “keeps” (?) getting better, dude ‘played’ in 30 games over the last two years and took a total of 31 shots… his scoring average actually dropped from 1.6 to 1.1 ppg, LOL

    I’m happy to have Marshall as towel waiver: btw Donyell is listed at 6-9, same as Amundson, but plays on the perimeter, go figure…

  3. Jordan said

    Calvin was pretty ugly.

    I like the move. My opinion is, it can’t hurt.

    Plus, every good team needs solid veterans.

    I agree with Ivey or Speights not dressing. Hopefully it’s Ivey.

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