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How much is left in Ratliff’s tank?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 8, 2008

According to Jesse from Pistons Nation, enough to justify his signing.

Enjoy this quick Q & A session I made with the blogger from ‘the D’, following what already done with Kareem Rush and Royal Ivey.

Sixers4guidos’ readers loved those posts and I can understand why: it’s always good to get a fair and unbiased opinion by a knowledgeable ‘colleague’ that watched the player closely over the past season.

Here we go:

1) do you think you will miss Theo Ratliff or he was just a filler in your roster? 

I like, and have always like the “Rattler”.  He’s always been a defense first big man that gets after it when he’s out there.  He a good rebounder and challenges every shot possible. He was filler, but not just regular filler.  In the playoffs you need big bodies off the pine to eat fouls and neutralize size.  We’ve had “that guy” since this current Pistons’ run began.  It was Elden Campbell and Dale Davis before Theo.
2) how much is left in Ratliff’s tank? What could Sixers fans realistically expect from him? 

Of course he’s not Theo Ratliff circa Y2K, but he still gets after it.  I can see him giving the Sixers 10-12 good minutes a night.  He’ll be a good guy to spell the other Sixer bigs and also mentor guys.
3) after his second coming to Detroit, he just made his second coming to Philly, at 35 y/o. It’s the sign that he knows how to make himself appreciated by coaches and GMs or that the NBA seriously lacks younger big men? 

He’s a quality guy.  Anytime a big man can still make a contribution and works hard there’ll be a roster spot.  If I’m a GM with promising young bigs I’d welcome a guy like Theo to be a positive example for them.
4) with Dalembert and Brand + Ratliff, Evans and rookie Speights coming off the bench (Jason Smith got injured and we don’t know if and when he’ll be back), Sixers’ frontcourt seems pretty strong and deep. Do you think Sixers could compete with your Pistons and the elite in the East?

Yes.  Everyone seen how they gave the Pistons more than they bargained for in the opening round of these past Playoffs.  They did that while being considered under manned to compete with Detroit.  Add Elton Brand (and no significant losses) to a cast of well coached players who hustle their butt off at both end of the floor and you’ve got a team ready to knock a bunch of teams on their asses. 

To me that Brand signing, and the Iggy re-signing, makes them an elite team.  I have Philly #3 behind Boston-1 and Detroit-2.

Not bad at all, then. Detroit kicked us out of the playoffs in our last three appearances, but it seems that this year we have a chance to stop this series.

I agree with Jesse that signing Theo was a wise move, I like the player and the guy, that left a lot of good memories here and was a member of one of the best Sixers teams in recent history. Welcome back, Theo.

3 Responses to “How much is left in Ratliff’s tank?”

  1. Analyzthat76 said

    Great Post/Interview Ricky!

    I think the Sixers are actually #2 in the East, a close 2nd to Boston. The Cavs, despite Bron-Bron, still don’t have enough. The Pistons are showing age. The Magic are average in the backcourt. The Raptors are going to be really good if O’Neal is healthy, but don’t count on it. Ditto for Arenas, Jamison and Butler in Washington. EC Finals for our beloved Sixers!

  2. thank you bro, I hope you are right, and it’s great you took the time to come post here, even being abroad

    I currently rank the Sixers 3rd-4th in the East, after Boston and Detroit, and up there with Orlando and Cavs.

    I think Toronto and Washington are a (small perhaps) step behind

    stay safe, wherever you are 🙂

  3. matto said

    Thanks for the post! Nobody knows a player better than a fan of their previous team.

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