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Manute Bol/Charles Barkley funny video

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on September 15, 2008



I just received this email, subject “Sixers 4 guidos”:

I love it.
I run a world basketball blog (I cover FIBA, Australia, Israel, Japan, and even a little NBA), and I live in the Philadelphia suburbs.
Knowing how Italian-American Philly is, I just assumed you guys were from South Philly.  Consider my shock when I saw you’re both Genovese.
I’m adding you guys to my blog roll.  And if you guys can get over the fact that I’m a Celtic fan (Irish by heritage), and support Lazio in Serie A, I’d love to be added to your blog roll.

My site is

Keep up the good work.

And Go Sixers.

Thanks Paul, love your site, added to my blogroll as well.

Yeah, I am from Genova (Genoa in english), you see how the love for the Sixers gathers fans from all over the world.

Gotta love the guido-irish interaction, with the Sixers in common 🙂

BONUS VIDEO: it’s not a coincidence that I put Manute Bol in the banner up here, beside Wilt, he’s my fav Sixer EVER. Via Pistons Nation I received a funny video featuring him, Barkely and another former Sixer (and Piston) I used to like…

Enjoy these 30 seconds of fun:

That was pure gold, thanks Jesse for sharing it with S4G readers !


3 Responses to “Manute Bol/Charles Barkley funny video”

  1. Just looking out for my pisan.

  2. Paul said

    Just to clarify, the Celtic I was talking about was the SPL soccer team Celtic, and not those bastards from Boston.

  3. LOL @ “pisan”, I don’t know what does that mean but it sounds funny.. here “pisan” is “citizen of Pisa”

    Paul, well done, it’s better to clarify. I also like Celtic GLASGOW, I love their jerseys

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