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Shocking: old Sixers bums are still around

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on October 23, 2008

Guys, I’m finally (?) back at FBP (full blogging potential).

After a long summer in which I changed job, moved to another town (Milan), got a new house, after a couple of months that saw me leaving for some long business trips, this week I finally got my brand new super-cool fast Internet connection at home, that finally allows me to update this blog just as frequently as it used to be.

So what’s the first post after this break about? Preseason games recaps? Predictions? World Series (Phillies up 1-0, but I don’t follow baseball, I’m sorry…)? No. In pure Sixers4guidos’ style, we’ll talk about something that other sites don’t consider: former Sixers stiffs. I mean, they are still stiffs, but at least they are no more Sixers. Ok, you got it. 

TRIVIA QUESTION for Sixers fans: name a team that this year has THREE former Sixers that LAST year were playing in Philly. 

Ok, even the most knowledgeable fan would say: “Wait, this can’t be right, it could be Minnesota but they have only two, they got Carney and Booth this summer…”.

WRONG !!!!!

Not only that, but the Timberwolves signed K-E-V-I-N frikkin’ O-L-L-I-E !!!! He retired was a free agent, and they picked him up (see him in the pic, sporting one of the cool, old Sixers uniforms I’ve been pushing for) !!!

Admit it, you had my same thought when reading this page: there must be a mistake or something, Kevin Ollie hung them up last summer, he must be with his family, still counting all the money he stole from NBA franchises in his (too) long career !

So I decided to email College Wolf, the finest blogger covering Minnesota, and here is our exchange of thoughts about Ollie and the other two bums players.

S4G: I was honestly and seriously shocked to see Kevin Ollie is on T’Wolves roster and couldn’t believe it until you confirmed it. Can you please enlighten us on how a NBA franchise in rebuilding mode, with a core of young players etc etc, could eventually sign this old bum, who stole money for his whole career from dozens of franchise, for mysterious (at least to me) reasons? Do you expect him to make the roster and play for Minn?
CW:  That run-on sentence was almost as brutal as Ollie’s jumpshot.  Unfortunately, it does appear that Mr. Ollie will indeed make the team.  The thing is, the Wolves are 3 players over the max roster size (we have 18 players and the limit is 15), yet we are short on Point Guards.  The conundrum is that Ollie is a PG.  It does not appear that our only other possible PG besides Randy Foye and Sebastian Telfair is ready for the NBA.  That player would be the D-League whirling dervish Blake Ahern.  I just don’t think he’s got what it takes to play consistent PG minutes in the NBA (when it matters during the regular season.)  By process of elimination, that leaves Kevin Ollie as our third string PG, since it would be cataclysmic to go into the season with just Foye and Telfair.  So yes, I do expect him to exceed even the lowest of expectations and make the roster.  Even worse, he will probably play some spot minutes this for us this season.  Don’t forget, Big O. was also signed for his “defense” and “veteran presence.”  Yay!
P.S.  If you couldn’t tell, I was not too excited about us signing Kevin Ollie this off-season.  It’s not like Shaun Livingston wouldn’t have had an opportunity to grow here with our squad.  Very sad.

S4G: Do you know how much money Ollie will make? If it makes you (and Mc Hale) feel better, Sixers gave him more than 12 millions over the last 4 yrs, which is already pretty unbelievable. Ollie should build a statue to his agent, who is a genius, clearly.

CW:  As far as I can tell, Mr. Ollie is making approximately $797,581 dollars this season to sit on our bench.  In my opinion, that’s $797,580 dollars too many.  His agent is quite clearly one of the most brilliant men on the face of this earth; and there is a good chance he was an executive at AIG in one of his previous lifetimes.  I need to look into having his agent “represent” me…

S4G: Speaking of stiffs/former Sixers, you guys took also Calvin Booth. If I’m not mistaken, Sixers are still paying his salary (thank Billy King, who gave him a PLAYER option for his second year, guess if he exercised it…), a fact that should at least make you forget how ugly he is. Is the Ollie-Booth duo the worst PG-C combo Minnesota ever had?  In Philly, it was.

CW:  Worst PG-C combo ever?  Are you forgetting about the Troy Hudson to Michael Olowokandi combination?  What out they’ll lull you to sleep by dribbling out the shot clock and then heaving up a brick with less than 2 seconds remaining!   How about T-Hud to Mark Blount?  T-Hud to Mark Madsen?  T-Hud to Oliver Miller?  Actually, T-Hud to Oliver Miller doesn’t count because Miller would just take the ball, walk off the court, and eat it. T-Hud to pretty much any center that was on the team during Hudson’s tenure here were all pretty bad.  With that said, Ollie to Booth probably still takes the cake.  Under no circumstances can I even seriously attempt to top that one.

I would like to point out, I am somewhat excited about having Calvin Booth on our team.  For what it is worth, the Wolves are now unequivocally the ugliest team in the NBA.  (Number 1 at something!)  Between Mike Miller, Booth, Brian Cardinal, Big Al Jefferson, Jason Collins, David Harrison, and Kevin Ollie, no one can touch us.  Heck, watching those four guys play would probably be some pretty effective contraception, for as quickly as they’ll drive the women away.

S4G: The other Sixer you guys have is Rodney Carney. He drove us nuts for a couple of years (see this post), but he’s definitely a talented player that could blossom there, in the right system. What do you expect from the kid, realistically?

CW:  To tell you the truth, I actually kind of like Rodney Carney.  I was intrigued with him a few years ago when he came out of Memphis into the NBA.  I wouldn’t have been sad if we drafted him (although it wouldn’t have been considered a very good pick now.)  Anyways, I think he has a solid chance to prove what he can do.  From what I hear, he’s a solid defender with good character and tremendous athleticism.  You can’t ask for much more than that from a player that is essentially on our team for free.  I realistically expect that he makes the team, gives 110%, and probably plays a few minutes per game off the bench.  If someone gets injured or traded, he could possibly step in and do ok.  Who knows, maybe this will be the year that he “puts it all together” and breaks out.  (Please, let me have my delusional optimism, it’s all us Wolves fans have got left.)  He could even be the beneficiary of a few patented Love to Carney outlet passes for easy transition buckets this season, who knows.  Bottom line, we have nothing to lose with him since you guys are paying pretty much his entire salary (hahaha!)  If he turns out to not be worth anything, we simply cut our losses and let him go at the end of the season.

Let me tell you, I love CW’s answers.

To be precise, I am not a Carney hater, I used to criticize him a lot but he showed some flashes indeed. I think he will not be missed here in the short term, he could eventually turn out to be a Matt Barnes-Raja Bell type of good specialist, but not a superstar.

As for the ugliness thing, I think the biggest improvement Sixers made this summer, was not adding Brand, or Rush, or resigning Iguodala and Lou. It was getting rid of Ollie, Booth and Amundson, that formed a scaring All Ugly Sixers Team. A three headed monster that kept thousands of fans (especially girls, like CW pointed out) out of the arena.

Hopefully a new era started – even if Evans will never crack any All Handsome Team, let’s be honest.

Stay tuned on S4G for more posts, and more serious ones, about our fav team. By the way, we’ll probably have a new contributor soon, eheheh…

(LA Ball talk has a Top Team Blog contest where they ask readers to select the best NBA Team blog.

I warmly recommend you NOT to vote for me, but give your vote to colleagues from Recliner GM, Depressed Fan or Passion and Pride, all sites that are way better than mine. 🙂 )

7 Responses to “Shocking: old Sixers bums are still around”

  1. teacher said

    Ricky, it’s great that you’re in the FBP again. I hope that both you and Sixers have a great season (except when you’re playing vs ultimate loosers from NY :)) ).

  2. Too bad. I voted for S4G anyways. 🙂

  3. Rosbacher said

    Hi Ricky, I wish Sixers at least Conference Finals, and for you, finaly, a place in Play Off in our PPP Challenge (already dynasty) League Edition 4.

    Maybe you can put a small weekly report about our league?

    Grüße aus München

  4. aaaahhhh, dear old serbian connections….. thanks for checking in: Ros, I might write a report on our fantasy league, but let me wait for the draft first, I am not gonna write anything if my team will be loaded with the Kevin Ollies and the Louis Amundsons of thie League.

    Teacher, hvala ti, we will exchange thoughts here before every Phi-NY game, ok?

    Jesse, thanks for voting, my effin Internet Explorer doesn’t allow me to vote for ANY of the listed sites… something to fix there. May I suggest S4G readers to vote for Pistons Nation as coolest blog about Detroit !

  5. Juan Camilo said

    Ricky My Friend!!! la temporada esta a punto de empezar la espera termino!!!!!

    estuvo genial las preguntas a el fanatico de los twolves, I love This quote:I would like to point out, I am somewhat excited about having Calvin Booth on our team. For what it is worth, the Wolves are now unequivocally the ugliest team in the NBA. (Number 1 at something!) hahahaha Great!!!!!

    well my friend tomorrow is Inter vs Genoa !!!! hehehe no Brotherly Love here hahaha


    From Colombia


  6. Juan Camilo, my friend, what a pleasure to have you back !

    yes, that line was funny, it was a good chat with College Wolf

    Inter-Genoa was a tough 0-0, we played very well in the first half and stayed too defensive in the final minutes, but overall it was a good game and a deserved point for my Grifone, even Mourinho praised our effort and team organization !! so after beating Milan, we stole a point to Inter, we love to play Milano teams, ehehehe…

  7. […] said after the morning shootaround. “There will be a lot of debating going on, I’m sure.” Ricky/Sixers4Guido chats with College Wolf about the former Sixers currently on the Wolves roster. Peter W/Canis […]

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