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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 5, 2008

83010351JG013_KINGS_SIXERS…either that, or he and his guys learned the lesson.

Few days after blowing a 23 point lead in Atlanta, Sixers built another 20+ point margin, that led to this post by the first italian Sixers blog, asking Cheeks to use the bench more. This time, Sixers extended the lead until the final 125-91 win vs Sacramento (2-2, .500).

No need to recap the game in details, first because more than 24 hours passed (I really can’t watch the games live in these hectic days, f’k my f’n work, all clients and everything…), second beacuse you can easily guess by yourself how the game went.

In a nutshell:

  1. Kings looked soft and tired, (not a good combination…) after an unusual four game road trip to begin the season
  2. Kings’ defense is bad and their intensity is close to zero
  3. Kings’ defense in the paint is atrocious, and intimidation is non-existant (true, they were missing Brad Miller, but he’s not exactly known as a big stopper)
  4. all Sixers were ready and stayed focused 48 minutes
  5. Sixers’ bench showed all its assets and made the difference, especially with the red hot Williams (one of his many drives in the pic) and, believe it or not, Green, who stretched the gap initially built by the first unit
  6. Sixers’ bench showed I know basketball (LOL) and proved me right

How about EIGHT players in double figure? Or 77% (10/13 !!) from downtown ? Or Rush hitting a three EIGHT seconds after being put on the floor ? Or Green doing his best Vinnie Johnson impersonation? Or Young, last night’s MVP, looking more and more like the future All star he can become ?? Or Marshall resembling the best Robert Horry, knocking down clutch threes in the 4th 🙂 ?

You got it, all went well, and Cheeks now has a “problem” to solve: he has many players that can actually play and has to manage them, their minutes, their use. Sixers showed they can put away games versus mediocre teams, which is generally a trademark for (those who want to be) a very good team.

A couple of things more.

I read this quote by Rush on a recap, about the lack of playing time for him: “It’s very discouraging,” Rush said. “I didn’t plan on this when I signed here, but it’s the way it is. A lot of these guys have been here for a number of years and played with (coach Maurice) Cheeks a number of years, so I think it’s a familiarity thing that he has with these guys.”

Sixers4guidos’ bonus translation: “Green sucks and we all know that he gets many minutes only because he’s a veteran Sixer. How about leaving me on the floor so I can prove that I am better of him ?”

Is it me or Iguodala is starting to look at Brand very often? There was a play when Andre fed him for an easy layup, Brand missed but the ball went again to Iguodala, who gave him the rock for the second time, for a three point play. Nice.

S4G BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS: Thaddeus Young is 7/11 from downtown in these first four games ! – Rush is 6/7 overall from the floor for the season, including 3/3 from three !! How about using him even more? – Why is Iguodala (72% from the line last season) shooting, and of course missing, technicals ???? – Royal Ivey made his debut as a Sixer, scoring his first points. Not only he took Ollie’s spot, but also Ollie’s number (#12)… pretty worrying indeed – Sixers made the last nine shots they took in the first quarter – Check Sactown Royalty for Kings fans’ views on the game, great site and passionate fans over there – The two teams combined for a total of I think seven/eight one-vs-zero missed layups, including an embarassing one by Andre Miller….


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    Brodie V. Marcel probed,……

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