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Blogger Power Rankings, week 4: Sixers at #13

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 17, 2008

The fourth edition of the Blogger Power Rankings I took part to is up at True Blue Jazz, take a look, you’ll find also some skepticism about our beloved team. I think it’s a good read, comments are insightful and often funny, hope you will enjoy the post.

Sixers were ranked at #13 this time by bloggers, while, shockingy, Lakers are at #1.

Just in case you are interested, here were my rankings:

1 f’n Lakers
2 f’n Celtics
3 Pistons
4 Jazz
5 Cavs
6 Hornets
7 Blazers
8 Rockets
9 Suns
10 Hawks
11 Raptors
12 Magic
13 Spurs
14 Sixers
15 Nuggets
16 Knicks
17 Bulls
18 Mavs
19 Bucks
20 Heat
21 Pacers
22 Warriors
23 Kings
24 Nets
25 Bobcats
26 T’wolves
27 Wizards
28 Clippers
29 Grizzlies
30 Thunder

So, despite being happily biased, I share pretty much the same thoughts of my “colleagues” about the team, being in the middle of the pack.

Am I being too pessimistic? Just realistic?

One Response to “Blogger Power Rankings, week 4: Sixers at #13”

  1. Chris said

    realistic. at this moment, there’s nothing special about them. 5-5 deserves middle of the pack.

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