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Blogger MVP/ROY rankings, version 1.0

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 19, 2008

The first edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings, from an idea of Alex and Frank from Brewhoop, is up at Hoops Addict.

I took part to this panel and think the final ranking is very interesting: it’s barely a suprise that no Sixer cracked the Top Ten in the MVP race and Marreese Speights didn’t get any vote in the ROY poll.

Here were my rankings in the two categories (please note that votes were sent on Monday… yeah, I’m slow):


1) LeBron James
It’s a no contest this year, apparently. Also “favored” by the fact that the rest of his team really sucks, even more than the usual

2) Bryant
Always a pleasure to rank him behind another player

3) Pierce
I hate the Celtics just as much as I like him. And I like him a lot…

4) Paul
Someone please get him a SG. I feel sorry for Paul everytime I read Peterson’s stat line on a boxscore

5) Howard
Numbers always unreal. Yeah, also from the FT line.

6) Wade
Looks like he’s back.

7) Joe Johnson
Don’t know if Hawks run will last much, but he’s the main responsable for their excellent start

8 ) Stoudamire
With THIS Shaq, he could climb the MVP rankings in few weeks

9) Roy
That buzzer beater was unbelievable. Hope Oden will be at 100% soon, he will be even better

10) dear old buddy Allen Iverson
Yes, I am biased. Hope he will kick the Celtics out in the ECF


1) Rose
Hinrich can take all the time he needs to heal

2) Beasley
A poor man’s Thaddeus Young 🙂

3) Mayo
Never saw him play, honestly, but I’ve read that he’s good

4) Luc Mbah A Moute
With that name, he should be #1 in a serious ranking

5) Fernandez
Gotta love euro shooters

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  1. Saving these for later!

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