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Sixers are 2-0 with the old uniforms

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 25, 2008

83010122JG015_WARRIORS_SIXERSEnough said.

And not coincidentially, they are over .500 for the first time in the season.

Who follows this site knows I’ve been lobbying for the old, classic, Sixers uniforms since day 1, and even started a petition to bring them back full time at the beginning of 2008 (125 smart Sixers fans signing so far, and counting…).

As I said many times, I’ve been in contact with Sixers franchise (marketing and PR dept) about this specific topic, that is taken into serious consideration by the organization.

Pretty obvious, since uniforms = merchandise = $$$$…

Imagine my shock few minutes ago when I realized that put a link to Sixers4guidos (!!!!!) – scroll down, to “Uni watch: NBA throwback update”, Sixers – , to this old post of the last summer.

Yeah, that was actually an update of the first one – the petition I mean – but anyway, I should thank the crew from

So there are many good news related to this subject:

1) a small streak of Wins in this season, that improved our record

2) a return to the old unis. Temporary, but still MUCH appreciated. Something is telling me that the current, sucking uniforms (and logo) won’t last much: maybe we will definitely get rid of them next season, when we would possibly go back to our tradition (colours, logo, uniforms) full time.

3) another peak of traffic for this site 🙂

Remember that Sixers sources openly said to me that Ed Stefanski is a fan of the old classic Sixers uniforms ! So we can count on a pretty powerful ally inside the organization… Just keep pushing, sending mails, signing my petition: results are coming, you see, the hard work is paying off. 

Keeping this rate, Sixers will go 69-0 to end the season (LOL), Sixers4guidos will surpass, Ricky will be hired as Snider’s guido ghost writer.

Few lines to recap the previous two games (I’m writing this while Sixers are playing the Charlotte Bobcats, but I’ll watch the game tomorrow, replayed).

The 89-88 win vs Clippers (6-6, .500): I have to tell you the truth, I couldn’t catch it, they took it out the list of replayed games on Sunday. For what I saw (= highlights) and read, it was a tough game, decided in the last minutes by a rare (well, not so rare… see below), flat three by Andre Miller, and a late jumper by Elton Brand, facing his former team for the first time. Still, it was scaring to see the Clippers having multiple possessions for the game winning shot, that fortunately didn’t go down. On that play, it was a mix of good defense and pure luck, honestly.

The 89-81 win vs Golden State (7-6, .538) was a good game, that we had to win twice. First when we built a 22 point-lead (57-35 in the second quarter), then when we went on a 13-5 run to close it, after Golden State tied it at 76 in the fourth, capping a 19-4 break by the Warriors.

Young and Dalembert had a couple of key putbacks to give us the lead again and stop the draught, and Andre Miller connected again from downtown (!!), immediately after he fed Iguodala for a wonderful alley oop dunk (84-78, 87-71). Our point guard eventually sealed the game from the line.

Brand was our top scorer and got some good press, but I didn’t like the fact that he took too many jumpers, again.

I liked more our defense (Golden State, #1 in NBA in points scored, was held to a season low 81 points, + ZERO points allowed in the last 3 minutes !), Dalembert, terrific in the first quarter, very effective overall, and the contribution from the bench, despite the low %.

What has still to be fixed is:

1) ZERO points on fastbreaks. Shocking, also considering who we played.

2) too many shots blocked (f’n 15 !!!). This is a consequence of our lack of mid range game: guys evidently don’t have much faith in their outside shot, and were getting to the hoop only to see their attempts REGULARLY rejected by Golden State’s big men. Turiaf looked like a french Bill Russell last night.

3) too many turnovers to let Warriors get back into the game. This happened in the third quarter, and Miller (for the main part) and Thad (partially, he got really unlucky in a couple of plays) should get the blame.

Let’s hope we will go on tonight vs dear old buddy (?) Larry Brown and his sorry ass young team.

How about Sixers wearing the RED throwback uniforms (still missing) and getting a win on the road ????

To be continued tomorrow.

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