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Lakers too much to handle

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 4, 2008

82994283JG024_LAKERS_SIXERSSimple as that.

It was 36 minutes of purple and gold, down to the final 102-114 loss that puts us three games under .500 again (8-11, .421).

Sixers got off to a good start, 17-7, but then serbian hero (?) Radmanovic started making shots (all of his 11 points coming in the first quarter, with 4/5 and three threes…) and Lakers went on a 24-6 run that turned the game. It was 25-31 at the end of the first, with an answered last second prayer by Andre Iguodala.

That deficit that was extended up to 19 in the third (64-83, with Bryant’s three with 1.57 to go) and that Sixers cut to seven in the fourth (97-104, 2.50 left). Nevermind, because Kobe put on a show with eight straight points, scoring in many ways: tough fallaway jumpers, even tougher drives, knocking down shots from the line. 

Just if Kobe wasn’t enough, Lakers big men were simply unstoppable in the paint: Gasol and Bynum combined for 15/23, with countless dunks and three point plays. Ariza and Farmar gave a good contribution also, with hustle plays and some key baskets while the starters were resting.

That was too much for the Sixers of these days.

Iguodala played a good game, Miller too, (also cutting his shots to only 21, LOL), Lou Williams had an encouraging fourth quarter. And if you look at Dalembert’s stat line, you could think he was decent last night. That is only partially correct, because he threw in also his usual bonehead plays just when they weren’t needed. An illegal pick on Fisher in the fourth, just in the middle of a run, a dumb foul etc.

There was a moment in the third when Fisher knocked down a tough three (64-77) and in the following play Ivey, wide open from behind the arc, shot an airball. That is all the difference between the two teams.

The sad news is that Brand got hurt, which also explains his 1/7 from the field. 

More news: according to this “insider” by, Sixers are “underperforming” and, being currently at the bottom of the Conference, are among the biggest disappointments of the NBA so far. Now THAT is really shocking, and an excellent example of “behind the scene” journalism.

In related stories, other “insiders” could tell us that Iguodala being the fourth scorer of a team is not what Sixers were expecting when they gave him 80 millions, that Williams shooting 35% is not good for a guard, and that Manute Bol was pretty tall.

SIXERS4GUIDOS BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS: For good Lakers coverage check… damn, why would anyone look for Lakers coverage ???? – Sixers face Iverson’s Pistons on Friday, now that will be a game to watch – Instead, check Pistons Nation for all your needs about Detroit – Evans, Rush were both DNP CDs… – Thaddeus Young knocked down the first two shots of the game, two threes (6-0): Sixers had to wait until the fourth quarter to see anoher shot from behid the arc going down – Iguodala’s 1/3 from the line dropped his (already sucking) pct to a ridiculous 67.4%. – He was 7/8 at halftime, though, give him credit for that.

2 Responses to “Lakers too much to handle”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Hey Ricky My Friend!!!

    sin dudas estamos pasando por un momento muy dificil de la temporada, Damn I HATE TO LOSE AGAINST THE MF Lakers I always wait a LOT TO SEE see the 2 matchups against LA,I Hope we can beat them in the staples Center LOL,Hey Ricky why Kareem Rush is in MO Cheeks DogHouse???? I Dont Understand really this situation

    AND is very Irritating to look the standings and see the Lakers in the top of the western conference


    From Colombia


  2. Juan Camilo, hermano

    I hate the Lakers just as much as I hate the Celtics (= a lot…) but I’m afraid nothing would stop them to another run at the Finals this year, barring injuries. They are just too good and deep, and the Western Conference has declined a lot, with former powerhouses such as Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio slowly (or fastly) fading

    We have to blame Grizzlies’ GM for that Gasol trade, seriously, they gave him for free basically.

    As for Rush, I am not sure of why this is happening, he’s supposed to be our best 3 pt shooter, gets no playing time and we are again among the worst 3 point shooting teams in the NBA… does this have any sense ??

    It’s true Green has played well so far, but Lou Williams is playing like crap and he constantly gets 25-30 min, while Rush is lucky when he can get 3-4 minutes in the second quarter.

    I really don’t understand this

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