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Brand-less Sixers beat Pistons with the bench

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 7, 2008


Due to a “region problem” (??) of my Int’l League Pass I couldn’t watch the 91-96 win at Detroit (9-11, .455).

That sucked, because it must have been a great, exciting game.

But I watched highlights and carefully read the play-by-play page, so some considerations can be made for sure.

1) the bench, in Brand’s absence, gave us a great lift. Rush was the only DNP CD (safe to say he’s in Cheeks’ doghouse, now). Speights got his first start in the NBA and did deliver, despite a tough first quarter (0/3, one turnover, one block against).

Seldom used Donyell Marshall hit the deciding three pointer (in the pic) and deservely got the biggest part of the credit but I was happy to see that Lou Williams (finally !!!) had an excellent night, scoring 14 pierce-esque points in the fourth.

Evans brought seven points to the table, also knocking down 3 of his 4 attempts from the line – always impressive for a brick layer like him, Theo did contribute as well, with three blocks and a good job under the boards.

I think Marshall showed why a guy like him can play fourteen seasons in the NBA: as a veteran, he knew he had to be patient and get ready for the right moment. And he was ready when it came.

2) Mo finally went very deep into his rotation, giving minutes to eleven players. It took an injury to an important starter like Brand, but anyway it’s important to start using the bench more.

Only three Sixers reached double figure, but four came very close, scoring from 7 to 9 points: a balanced offense is always another good sign. 

3) Iguodala and Miller played a solid game, scoring big baskets. Iggy went even 3/3 from the line, including two in a crucial moment, to pull Sixers within one with 1.17 to play. Nice.

4) beating a good, experienced team like Detroit in its own building is always tough. I won’t write much about Iverson because I didn’t watch the game, but few minutea ago, while I was downloading some pics of him opposed to Iguodala, Green etc, I had a strange feeling…

For who doesn’t know it, I was/am/will be a big fan of Iverson, so I wish him all the best in Detroit. Except when he’s facing my Sixers, of course.

Sixers play the surprising, and rising, Nets in few hours, I hope I will be able to watch the game replayed tomorrow.

I also hope that Miller won’t receive another Derrick Rose-treatment by Devin Harris…. another nice game to enjoy, hopefully.


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