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Thad was the problem, Green is the solution

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 11, 2008

82996022DD002_CAVS_SIXERSThat must have been Cheeks’ thought before the Cavs game.

But putting Young on the bench and giving Green a place in the starting line up (shockingly) didn’t work well.

Yes, because they both played like crap and Sixers lost to Cleveland 93-101, falling again at the bottom of the Atlantic Division with a sorry 9-13 (.409) record.

Cheeks took this decision “solely because of the matchups”, we eventually learned from Kate Fagan, but let me tell you the move stinks. The immediate outcome was our fifth consecutive home loss, that on the other side helped Cavs extending their winning streak to ten.

Something is telling me that the second streak is NOT going to end on Friday, when Cavs play host to… your Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers !!

More thoughts after the first Cavs game.

1) Brand was booed (not sure if boos were directed ‘only’ at him or at the whole team, to be honest) during an ATROCIOUS performance in which he had more turnovers (7 !) than points (6).

Observation: “Cut him the slack, he was just coming back after an injury !”. S4G counter-observation: “True, but if he’s not ready to play, let him sit down for another game or two. Like this, he’s detrimental to the team”. One time he dribbled on his foot like a 12 y/o kid. Embarassing.

2) Sixers knocked down ONE shot from behind the arc. Cavs five, and they missed another 4-5 with the shooters wide open (Pavlovic, West etc).

3) our best 3 pt shooter moved from Cheeks’ doghouse directly to the inactive list, for the first time this season. That is what we signed Kareem Rush for, evidently.

4) Miller and Iguodala, back to his ‘natural’ position of SF, had a very good game, and a fantastic first half, in which they combined for an unbelievable 16/20 from the field – Miller added 6 dimes, also. Too bad the rest of the team went 3/20….

5) Dalembert is averaging 2 points and 2.6 rebounds in 18.6 minutes of action over the last three games, with a total of 2/9 from the field and only 1 block in 56 minutes. From the shadow of his old self to the shadow of a basketball player…

For the year, he’s shooting 44%, versus 51% of last year.

6) Sixers’ starts of the quarters have become a problem with no solutions. 

0/9 to start the second period —> 15-2 Cavs run. First field goal came at minute number 7.

0/5 + 5 turnovers to start the third —> 15-3 Cavs run. First field goal came at minute number 6.

Cavs were up by nineteen at the end of the third.

We are used to this pitiful shows. A static offense with no circulation of the ball resulting into forced shots, silly turnovers, wide open… bricks and so on. I wonder what does Mo tell them at the breaks.

7) LeBron James is great bla bla bla but saying he gets superstar treatment by the refs is a kind understatement. He probably must have handed out a copy of a book with his own basketball rules before the season started.

LeBron’s Rule #1 should be something like “Every drive taken with a number of steps that doesn’t reach double figure is allowed” while rule #2 sounds more like “Whenever I put my angry face on, I want to hear that f’n whistle”.

Regarding this, the NBA is a joke of a League, I was listening to ESPN comment and Hubie Brown and (forgot the name of the journalist) even after the multiple replays showed that the refs clearly blew a call, were praising LeBron’s “aggressiveness”, “strenghth” etc etc… no mention of the BS calls/non calls, of course.

In the picture, he’s portrayed on one of his patented traveling violations strong drives to the hoop.

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Mo Williams’ 27 points are a season high… – Love Cavs’ retro jerseys, very nice, even with that weird yellow – Cheeks called timeout after one minute played in the third. Then another one, two minutes after the first – Cavs went on a 15-2 run in the second with LeBron sitting on the bench – A lucky shot by Mo Williams put the Cavs up eight after Sixers cut their lead to only six in the fourth (89-95, 2 minutes to go) – Ilgauskas suffered an injury with Cleveland up 18 at the beginning of the fourth and didn’t come back. He stepped on Marshall’s foot – You know that your team sucks when… you put Willie Green in the starting line up hoping to improve it 🙂


2 Responses to “Thad was the problem, Green is the solution”

  1. raffaele said

    >>6) Sixers’ starts of the quarters have become a problem with no solutions.
    >>0/9 to start the second period —> 15-2 Cavs run. First field goal came at minute number 7.
    >>0/5 + 5 turnovers to start n the third —> 15-3 Cavs run. First field goal came at minute number >>6.

    That’s very interesting. In a forum post on a guy takes it as another sign of poor coaching. when the coaching stuff have time to make up their mind and give the players indications on the game, well, cheeks & c. regularly get outcoached.

    I wonder what you think of this interpretation.

    Always on the forum a few guys said that during a time out it was possibile to see that the players where not listening to the coach and were even outvoicing him.


  2. well buddy, many signs indicate Sixers are poorly coached, and I’ve covered these issues often on S4G as you might rememeber

    But I won’t start any “Fire Mo !” chant until 2009, anyway, I’ll give him some more time

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