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Nine Pacers were enough…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 22, 2008

82992059JG023_PACERS_SIXERS… to win a crazy basketball game, that Sixers SHOULD have not only won, but also blown out.

Instead, it was a 94-95 loss vs Indiana (12-15, .444), the first for Sixers’ interim coach guido Tony Di Leo.

So let’s see. Pacers were missing three of their four best scorers (Granger, Murphy, Daniels + Dunleavy jr.), had only nine players in uniform (!) and, like us, were playing in the second night of  a back-to-back. Add that the first of those nights was a double OT loss to the Clippers (!!!).

So after we jumped to that early fifteen point lead at the beginning of the second (31-16, 35-20), playing some good and even fun basketball, I admit I thought that it was going to be a pretty easy game.

But we didn’t close it the way we could, and should have done. In fact, an extended draught immediately followed, and Indiana cut the deficit to four at halftime (48-44).

The game remained close until the end, thanks to our usual ineptitude from the perimeter (a less than pathetic 0/8 from three point land + another five/six long jumpers missed, some wide open) and to a discouraging amount of fumbles, bad passes, missed putbacks, shots getting blocked in the paint or, in many cases, just under the rim.

Josh Mc Roberts – horrible, by the way – set career highs in all categories I think, with his four rejections being a peak we should be ashamed of.

So the game came down to the last two possessions, and TJ Ford beated Iguodala off the dribble, creating enough space to knock down, guess what, a long jumper (in the pic), while Andre couldn’t convert a tough left handed drive as time expired. Good night Sixers.

That’s how we wasted Andre Miller’s eighth career triple double ( I hope his critics will shut the hell up, again) and a good game by Sam Dalembert – at least statistically, because he could have had another 4-6 points (if he could only catch a pass), and drove me nuts in several occasions….

Count in the “positives” also Marreese Speights’ night (another couple of spectacular dunks by this guy, exciting rejections and a lot of energy provided) and Andre Iguodala’s game – for the first 47 minutes I mean.

At the end of the day, you have to take your hat off to those Pacers and their Philly coach that played a heck of a game in that tough situation. They outscored us 18-0 on three pointers and, despite being outrebounded, had a lot of hustle plays that showed their determination. They never gave up and wanted it more, I think.

Among the things to fix, on our side, I’d put… well, i don’t know where to start. Scoring some threes would be nice,  let’s stop here this time. Our perimeter game it’s not even “poor”, but more like “non existent”. Teams know that, and challenge us to take outside shots.

What else? Willie Green got injured at the beginning of the second quarter and didn’t come back. Is it bad news/good news? LOL. 

Ouh, and refs were horrible, with bad calls on both sides. Violet Palmer should be sent officiating D-League games, no kidding.

And why in the hell does Travis effin’ Diener always have good games vs us ???? Fuck him and his threes…

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Reggie Evans went 2/2 from the line – Same for Roy Hibbert, the fourth worst free throw shooter in the League (48% before the game) – Sixers shot 7/22 in the second – Miller reached his triple double at the end of the third quarter !Indy Cornrows’ recap is a very interesting read that I would recommend – One thing to close this sad day: as (easily) predicted by Sixers4guidos some days ago, WE FINALLY REACHED THE BOTTOM OF THE THREE POINT STANDINGS, SIXERS ARE DEAD LAST IN THE NBA WITH A REMARKABLE 30.5% !!!!!

4 Responses to “Nine Pacers were enough…”

  1. PhilaflavaITA said

    0/8 from the three point line,no way.Speechless about the game.
    The next game will be vs Boston:we are going to win,I know,lol

  2. LOL I sense a 30 point pounding coming… tough times my friend !!! but we’ll stick to the Sixers, we have been in worse situations, that’s what makes us strong 😉

  3. sixers29 said

    It was a tough loss. How many nicknames deserve Iguodala?? The Million Dollar Baby, The Cry-baby, Mr. Potatoes, etc. He is the worst NBA player on FG Made-Attempted in the fourth quarter,(28%).

    Today we have to win against Celtics, let’s GO SIXERS!!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. […] is aware of it: of course, also defenses are. And he had just missed another last second shot, vs Indiana, remember? Another spin move, this time in the paint, resulting into a forced, bad, missed shot as time […]

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