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0/19 and counting

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 25, 2008

82991967I initially thought about putting a “FUCK THE CELTICS” title, but I’d rather not give further satisfaction to that bunch of classless idiots and their jackass fans. Anyway, fuck them.

They (players + fans) are rightfully happy with their great team, the title, the winning streak etc. so they are allowed do all the trash talking they want, until someone beats them. Or punches some of them in the face, which I would like more.

Also Phil Jasner has a good article about the game and the “exchange of thoughts” between the players in those 48 minutes.

The piece of trash called Eddie House (on his way to get past Rick Fox at the top my “Most hated” ranking, and this even before last night) scoring a meaningless three at the buzzer sums up pretty well what kind of garbage persons form that Celtics team.

I couldn’t watch the 110-91 loss at Boston because the game was blackouted (?) in my guido region. That doesn’t mean much, anyway. The important thing is we fell to 12-16 (.429) while Celtics got their 19th consecutive win, a franchise record, and improved to 27-2, that is apparently another record, this time for the NBA.

Some considerations to be made before we start our trip West are:

1) Kareem Rush got his first start. I like the move, despite Rush’s mediocre game. Let’s keep him in the starting line up until Green comes back. Uhm, ok, maybe even after then.

2) after going 0/8 vs Pacers, we shot 0/11 from behind the three point line vs Celtics. Speaking of streaks, the resulting, combined 0/19 in the last two games is one of the most embarassing stats I can remember. The scaring thing, is that we actually have good chances to make it longer.

3) this means Sixers have been outscored 39-0 on three pointers by their opponents in the last two games. How about that…

4) my boy Marreese Speights had another excellent game, and Reggie Evans played well too. The rookie is close to deserving to be a starter – and make Dalembert expendable, but this is another story. Evans stepping up vs Celtics is nothing new, remmeber last year in Boston he even scored a three (LOL).

5) Lou Williams dished out eight assists, to tie a career high. That is perhaps the more encouraging figure in the boxscore. Remember I criticized him a lot for not looking at his team mates enough. Makes almost forget the five turnovers….

Enough for a game I didn’t catch, I think. Try other blogs if you want insiders 🙂

We play the Nuggets on Friday to start our Western conference trip, check Jeremy’s PickAxe and Roll for the best coverage about Denver: now THAT is a good site !

In the meantime, merry Christmas everyone in Sixersworld. I hope I will have a Santa Klaus post up tomorrow.

And fuck the Celtics, again.


2 Responses to “0/19 and counting”

  1. PhilaflavaITA said

    0/19 wow..i agree,fuck celtics,but they’re tuff,forget about it.We didn’t play well.In the first Q we played agressive,but we lost the game already in the second.As we play, the Western conference trip will be a bad trip.
    When NBA broadband doesn’t work,try here,a pretty good site:

  2. thanks for th elink my friend, I’ll definitely try it !!

    nice Xmas gift 🙂

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