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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 1, 2009

83005868NG028_76ERS_CLIPSI received this contribution from my buddy Sixerdave, and decided to share it with S4G readers.

I hope Dave will write more often for S4G in the next future because I like his views, even if I sometimes disagree with him. Hopefully he, a Philly native-West coast transplant, will become a regular contributor and, why not, a fellow blogger. Enjoy.

Hey Ricky, 

I watched the game and I was entertained by the up and down and back and forth action. However, the Sixers were without Brand and the Clippers were without Randolph and Kaman so it wasn’t a true test for either underperforming squad.

One player who I will be happy to say I was wrong about is Thaddeus Young. Tony Dileo decided to run plays for him in the post, and he was pretty much dominant down there.  20 points on 10-14 shooting, 6 rebounds and 3 steals sounds pretty good for a 20 year old.  His left hand hook was unstoppable in the low block – like in the picture ?? – which is a threat our team desperately needs.

A week or so ago, I was comparing Young to such mediocre players as Al Harrington and Tim Thomas.  I know it’s too early to judge Young and he deserves every opportunity to be successful.  But by the way he was playing, that was the closest comparison. 

In Young’s first year, the team seemed to be just wanting to get his feet wet, while in his second season, they are really making an effort getting him into the flow of the NBA game.  Earlier in the season, he had huge first half outbursts and then would disappear in the second half because he would never see the basketball.  Then in late November and early December, Thad seemed lost out there, even scoring in single figures on several occasions.

But with a 17- and 20-point effort, my faith in young Thaddeus has been restored.  He looks more confident out there and even his defense looks better.

One guy who has been getting ripped on quite a bit by Philly fans is Iguodala, but his 28 point, 7 rebound and 7 assist effort was outstanding.  He finished December averaging 19 points, 6.7 rebounds, 4.8 assists and shooting almost 48% for the month. 

While the Sixers do have problems, Iguodala is not one of them.

The main problem this team has is obviously outside shooting, and they need to address that issue without trading Iguodala or Brand.  To trade either Iguodala or Brand would be admitting the signings to be failures when in fact the two players have not been given adequate tools to be successful. 

The most logical trade chip is Andre Miller, and if traded the Sixers need to bring in guys who can stretch the defense to open the middle for Brand and Iguodala to operate.  All of the good NBA teams have several outside shooters to stretch the defense, and Sixers GM Ed Stefanski needs to bring in guys one at a time who can shoot, but won’t hurt us in other areas

If he wants to keep cap space open for the 2011 offseason, he’s going to have to try to trade for players with fewer years remaining.  This might restrict his flexibility in making trades, but also might explain why he hasn’t made one already.

One huge disappointment this year has been Samuel Dalembert.  Last night against the Clippers, Dalembert was in early foul trouble and lost his late game minutes to Theo Ratliff.  With time expiring, the camera panned to the Sixer bench where we got to see Dalembert jawing with what had to be a Clipper fan.  I can see why this team has been reducing his minutes.  The Samuel Dalembert experiment might be almost over.

Thank you Dave, I hope you will be posting more for us soon.

Finally, a non-guido, knowledgeable voice in this site 🙂


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