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A look back at that Spurs game

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 5, 2009

83006026DCE_76ERS_SPURI know, the recap of the heartbreaking 108-106 loss at San Antonio comes one day late but I want to keep track of all games, so here we are.

Sixers are now at the bottom of the Atlantic Division with their 13-20 record (.394).

The 15-18 prediction I made less than a month ago, before our West coast trip, was wrong then.

But if you think how we lost the home game vs (half of the Indiana) Pacers and those at Denver and San Antonio, it may look a little bit better, or at least less dumb.

Anyway, since I couldn’t catch it through League Pass, here is Sixerdave’s recap of the Spurs game, for your pleasure.

Always nice reading his point of view and I like how Dave is finding some positive notes after a disappointing 1-5 trip.

After one quarter, it looked like the same old story.  The Spurs were draining three-pointer after three-pointer, the Sixers couldn’t keep up, and the deficit quickly reached 21.
But the Sixers never gave up.
Led by Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala, the Sixers battled back and took the lead.  Miller scored 28 points on 12 of 14 shooting while Iguodala had 25 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.
With the score tied 106-106, the Sixers had a chance to take the lead, but made a costly turnover.  With a potential overtime looming, Manu Ginobili missed a jumper from the corner, but Tony Parker got the rebound and swished a high arcing shot from the baseline over Iguodala as time expired.
It had to be a crushing loss for the Sixers who battled so hard, but for a young team, there were many bright spots.  Iguodala may not be the go-to scorer that the Sixers are looking for, but his drives and dunks decimated the Spurs’ defense. Miller made shot after shot and Lou Williams had back-to-back key three pointers.

The first quarter opened with Matt Bonner draining a couple three pointers over Thaddeus Young.  Thaddeus got on the scoreboard for the Sixers with a few shots of his own, but the Spurs were hitting three after three. They made eight threes in all in the first quarter, led by Bonner and Roger Mason. The Spurs shot 15 for 26 (58%) from beyond the arc for the game.
The key for this team was coming back against an elite team from a 40-19 deficit. At that point they could have rolled over, but they didn’t. The score at the half wasn’t much of an improvement, 66-50. But the Spurs’ three-point shooting cooled off and the Sixers made a run to get back into the game in the third quarter.
Theo Ratliff played the key minutes down the stretch in the game as Dalembert and Speights were not effective.  Speights converted some baskets and secured several rebounds, but missed some important defensive rebounds which allowed second chance points for the Spurs. Ratliff was huge for the Sixers with nice defense on Duncan and sound boxouts on misses.
The Sixers return home from their road trip to play Houston on Tuesday before going to Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Thank you very much Dave and I might add some things to complete the picture.

Remember few days ago I started to keep an eye on how we were being embarassingly outscored on three pointers.

Ok, like I said to Brian/Depressed fan in a comment to his recap, here is the updated situation: in the last seven games Sixers have been outscored 48-189 (- 141 !!) on three pointers. As for the percentages, it’s Sixers 21% (16/75), opponents 43.4% (63/145).

There is more, unfortunately.

The New Jersey Nets, currently the worst team in NBA as for opponents’ 3 pt percentage, allow other teams to shoot 41.2% vs them. It means that over the last seven games we are doing worse than the worst team in the League !!!

Also, our pctgs have been constantly going DOWN in that seven game stretch, while our opponents’ are constantly going UP…

I already said thsi, the most scaring part of the stat is that ON THE DEFENSIVE END, a trend that has to stop immediately.


2 Responses to “A look back at that Spurs game”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Ricky my friend!! That shot by Parker was Unbelievable I Can’t Believe he made that One,very very Tought Lose Bro,but the good news are that Finally Iggy is playing very well in the last couple of games

    Ahora tenemos que ganar frente a Houston quienes vendran con urgencia debido a que han perdido los 2 ultimos juegos ante Atlanta y Toronto

    PD: Allen Iverson score the winning shot yesterday against the Clippers,The Answer is Amzing!!!!!


    From Colombia


  2. u r right JC (and happy new year !), Iggy’s progress has been the best note in this disapponting trip

    Houston ia apparently in a little slump, let’s hope we can take advantage of it

    I watched the final minutes of Clippers-Pistons and Iverson made a couple of tough shots down the stretch, including the game winner, right. But who impressed me the most was Eric Gordon, what a player !!!

    Saludos !!

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