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Nice when those shots are falling

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 9, 2009

76ers Bucks BasketballEspecially when they come at the right time.

A rare, may I say unprecedented, accuracy from behind the arc (8/15, 53%) and at the foul line (32/39, 82%) gave the worst three point shooting and the second last free throw shooting team of the NBA – that is right, your Philadelphia SeventySixers, now at 15-20, .429 – the second consecutive win: 105-110 over the Bucks.

It was a come-from-behind win, because the Bogut-less Bucks were up eight at the beginning of the fourth (89-81 with 10 minutes to go, when Sessions had an uncontested layup). That’s when Sixers’ run started and our shooters got hot. And I can’t believe I’m actually typing this.

And guess who sparked the decisive break? Former Buck-seldom used-back up point guard Royal Ivey, who had two of his three treys in a quick 9-2 run that, completed by another long distance shot by Lou Williams, put Sixers back in the game just when it looked like they could have slipped: 92-90.

Then a spirited Ivey – uncharacteristically but correctly left on the floor by Di Leo in the final, with Williams sitting on the bench – completed a good game versus his former team with some smart defense on Bucks’ last shot. 

With Sixers up three and eleven seconds to play, Bell’s potentially tying three pointer was way short because Royal contested it well and, after the miss, Iguodala rebounded and secured the game from the line.

Before those two plays, it was Miller putting his signature on a fantastic game with a three pointer (!!) that gave us a four point lead with 28 seconds to play (103-107). You see it in the pic.

You got it well: it was one of those nights, exactly, but in the good sense.

But to be fair, Miller already scored two decisive three pointers this season, in back-to-back home wins vs Clippers and Golden State in November. So give him all the credit, he is not a three point shooter but he steps up when it counts.

Speaking of long distance shots check this: last time we outscored our opponents from the three point line was… ten games ago, Dec 17th. Guess who we were playing? The Bucks (!). Guess who won? Sixers. By five, again (!!). Guess how many threes we scored then? Four (LOL). And they had two (…).

The scaring thing is that we will match up with Milwaukee again only one more time this season… Even worse, it will be on April 2nd. I hope we won’t have to wait for the next THIRTY-EIGHT games before prevailing from behind the arc again…

What went well last night? Some interesting things.

1) We smartly took advantage of Bogut’s absence, going to the rim pretty much at will, especially in the first half, when he shot a pretty unbelievable 26 free throws, making 21 of them – and I don’t know which of those two stats is more unlikely. Milwaukee’s painted area became Sixers’ territory.

2) in the second night of a back-to-back Di Leo went deep into his bench smartly using a eleven man rotation, with even Marshall getting some action.

We always said Sixers have a lot of players and that everybody can contribute, finally someone is realizing it. Rush, a guysI’ve been always pushing for if you remember,w as the only DNP CD. I hope his time will come as well.

3) one important thing to be underlined is that Sixers gained the lead down the stretch with five consecutive points by Speights (“and one” play + layup —> 96-97), and immediatley after those two plays, Thaddeus Young had a steal and went coast-to-coast to give us the 96-99 lead. Great job by our young guys, definitely.

Speights added also a key dunk after Villanueva blocked Iguodala’s drive (100-104, one minute left), showing nice hustle and aggressiveness. Ridnour then drained a three from the corner (103-104), setting the stage for Miller’s aforementioned big shot.

Sixers are still a struggling team (that by the way let a 10 point lead in the second quarter, 25-35, turn into a 59-56 Bucks lead at halftime), but winning on the road a close games gives always some confidence.

We have the chance to make it three in a row Friday at home vs Bobcats. But we already lost to them this year, remember? So it won’t be easy, Charlotte handed the Celtics a L after an OT two days ago.

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS: Few Dalembert’s apologists left hopefully will STFU forever after last night: the guy had a couple of good mid range shots in the third but followed the second of those jumpers with two incredibly dumb fouls, allowing RJ and Gadzuric consecutive three point plays – Basically Sammy gives up three points for every two he makes, LOL – Guys at Brew Hoop saw the game like this –  Villanueva had 20 at halftime, with 7/10 – Reggie Evans had his usual idiotic fouls, off/def. For being a role player, his bball IQ is always very, very low.


3 Responses to “Nice when those shots are falling”

  1. sixerdave said

    Hey man, good summary.

    I loved how the Andres and Ivey played and Speights made some key plays down the stretch.

    I don’t think it was necessarily wise to bring in Marshall as he’s old and slow. Charlie Villanueva drilled him with a 3-pointer and Marshall didn’t have much positive impact at all. The Bucks used the man he was defending for pick and rolls because he’s sloooooww and can’t recover as well.

    We were up 1 but then gave up 15 points in 5 minutes and were down 4 going into halftime.
    One thing that surprised me about the Bucks was how often Redd tried to score from the inside. Didn’t know he had it in him.


  2. Philaflava said

    Iguodala is playing very well in the last games(was the time!) but Dalembert should change sport!
    But we need Brand,even if we are playing better without him,we miss a big man,who can score from under the rim,if he can integrate with the team

  3. yeah Dave the deep bench point was more in general, it’s true that Marshall didn’t do a thing, lol

    one thing that surprised me about Redd is that he missed so many free throws and that is killing my fantasy teams, f’k, LOL

    Philaflava: agree. Imagine a healthy Brand last night vs Bucks, he could have scored like 40…

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