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Bird Sunday turns into Philly feast

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 12, 2009

82989321SC008_SIXERS_HAWKSI guess few cared about the Sixers today, because Eagles were beating the Giants basically at the same time, but anyway THEY BEAT THE HAWKS 94-109 ON THE ROAD !! We are at 17-20, .459 now.

So the Sunday many philadelphians were waiting for, and perhaps fearing a little bit, turned into a memorable day.

I know Sixers won’t be front page material but the fourth consecutive win (longest streak of the season) is nothing to underrate.

I couldn’t watch the game live, because Int’l League Pass was not broadcasting it, and other sites I tried were constantly buffering and freezing (FUCK !).

So I checked the play-by-play action on Yahoo !, watched some hightlights, and those are the considerations that can be made, waiting for some comments by someone with a better knowledge that was able to catch the game.

Hawks were without Al Horford (and it showed, I realized), Sixers without Brand: Atlanta was coming from a slaughter in Orlando (-34, that was also -50 !!!), while Sixers had put their little three game streak.

Sixers’ start in the FIRST QUARTER was extremely positive (3-14), but Hawks answered with a 15-2 run on their own to go up two (18-16). The teams kept trading baskets in what was apparently an old school-no defense-period, with a lot of alley oops and very high percentages. It ended at 30-30, with Sixers shooting 13/20 (65% !) and Atlanta 12/17 (70 % !!). Andre Miller had 8 points + 5 assists, Iguodala 9 (4/5), Bibby and Marvin Williams 8, both on 3/3.

In the SECOND QUARTER the hot shooting continued, Sixers pulled away a little bit, with the second unit giving us a big lift, led by Lou Williams (3 quick dimes). We went up eight at 42-50 with 5.54 to play, Bibby kept Atlanta close with his jumpers but Sixers ended the half up five, 52-57.

HALF TIME STATS were impressive, especially the shooting pctgs. Sixers shot 22/35 (62%), Hawks 20/35 (57%). I noticed our 11/12 from the line (Reggie Evans contributed with 4/4 !!) more than the 4/7 from the three point line.

But the most important thing is that we had a huge advantage under the boards (16 vs 9), so that Bibby’s 15 points (6/7) and Marvin Williams’ 4/5 (10 points) weren’t enough. We kept Joe Johnson quiet (10 but with 3/10), while Joe Smith was stuck at 6 on 3/5: on our side Thad (5/ 8) and Iggy (4/5) both had 11 points.

The THIRD QUARTER saw Iguodala’s explosion, as Sixers’ lead progressively grew. Not only Andre had 12 points in the period (4/5, with two threes), but he dished out also four dimes, two to Dalembert for alley oop dunks.

We reached even a +12 lead (58-70, 7.40 left) and it took consecutive threes by JJ and Evans (Maurice, of course, LOL) to pull Hawks within six (64-70). Flip Murray answered Iguodala’s last trey two seconds before the buzzer and the quarter was over at 78-83. 

Now take a look at Di Leo’s line up to start the FOURTH QUARTER: Royal Ivey, Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Reggie Evans, Maurice Speights. Some courage there, uh? But it paid off quickly: 83-91 on a hook shot by Speights, who six consecutive points, confirming he’s money down the stretch.

Then Andre Miller substituted Iguodala (original move ! but Tony was right again, so more power to him) and Thad checked in as well, and when Hawks cut the deficit to five (90-95) it was for the last time. Miller gave us the last push, because Sixers went on a 8-0 run thanks to a couple of layups + a dime by our veteran PG: it was over at 90-101 (3.30 to play), with Iggy in again, replacing Evans.

Hakws kept missing jumpers, Sixers had some great offensive rebounds, and Thad knocked down two threes in the last minute to make our margin wider (and perhaps misleading, because it was a close game all night). 

Atlanta shot 5/15 in the fourth, Sixers 10/22

Our two swingmen combined for 18/28, including 6/8 from behjind the arc. And we can easily say that if Iguodala shot is starting to go down like this, also from long distance, it’s gonna be an exciting second part of the season.

Fill in with more thoughs and considerations, while Sixers wait for the Blazers on Wednesday.

(I better not think that we’ll have to find a place for Brand in this system soon, I don’t want to find myself “worried” by his comeback, it sounds ridiculous !)

Great day Philly fans, time to be happy !!!


3 Responses to “Bird Sunday turns into Philly feast”

  1. PhilaflavaTA said

    Iguodala was simply money in the bank.He also dished some nice assist.
    As a team we played very well.Each of them got a share,and now,as you said,if we find a place for Brand,and we still play the right way we can really build somethin

  2. thank you bro, so what I just GUESSED was correct

    if you know a way to watch the hawks game replayed, please email me at, I’d really love it

    I tried the site you gave me to watch live, but the link was working badly, buffering, freezing etc, impossible to watch without getting nuts…

    thank you again

  3. PhilaflavaTA said

    I’ve just sent you an email

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