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Bartender, I’ll have a Miller

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 13, 2009

83005109JG017_WIZARDS_SIXERSAs the trade deadline is approaching, and rumors on possible trades and moves are becoming hectic, I hope you’ll find interesting Sixerdave’s thoughts about Andre Miller, Sixers’ best asset (and player?).

With the trade deadline a little over a month from now, rumors about different players will come up every day. 

One player who has been named in several rumors in recent months is Andre Miller, whose expiring contract and recent quality play has most likely attracted a number of suitors. Will Miller stay or go?  What teams are lining up for his services?
7 Potential Destinations for #7
7.  LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS – A trade involving Baron Davis and Andre Miller has been mulled by fans, as it would give the Sixers an additional outside scoring threat as well as a potential number one option.  However, the length of Davis’s contract and his injury history will ultimately scare away the Sixers, and the Clippers have no interest in Andre Miller, part two.
6.  GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – The most popular possible exchanges for Miller would be Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, or Monta Ellis.  Maggette has a history of injuries and was just signed until the end of Obama’s presidential term. Jackson was also resigned, and his defense has declined the longer he has played in Don Nelson’s system. 

The Warriors are so in love with Monta Ellis in spite of his recent motorcycle accident. Kelena Azubuike and Anthony Morrow are nice players who would fit in well in Philadelphia, but would the Warriors add another player to make the salaries match?  The inconsistent Jamal Crawford is not the answer.
5.  CHARLOTTE BOBCATS – With Raymond Felton’s name being tossed around in trade rumors, it begs the question if something could be worked out with Philadelphia. The most appealing trade for the Sixers would have to be Felton and Raja Bell for Miller, but Bell seems like a Larry Brown type of player. Including Matt Carroll or Nazr Mohammed would not make an attractive package for the Sixers.  Felton’s outside shot is still suspect, as is his defense.

4.  HOUSTON ROCKETS – Houston’s salary cap situation could lead them to want to unload some contracts. Rafer Alston’s name has been put out there, potentially in a package with Shane Battier. While Battier is a very nice player and would fit in great with ex-teammate Elton Brand, Alston’s shooting percentage is a dismal 36%.  That doesn’t exactly fulfill the Sixers’ need for outside shooting.
3.  CHICAGO BULLS – There was the much rumored Kirk Hinrich for Miller trade, which would give the Bulls some cap space and the Sixers an outside shooter and decent defender. But Hinrich has had a tough year both production- and health-wise. His contract runs past the 2011 offseason, when the Sixers could potentially have some space to go after high profile free agents (Kobe Bryant available that offseason). At this point, Dalembert for Hinrich would seem more appropriate.
2.  MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES – Ah yes, the Miller for Miller swap.  While watching Mike Miller this season, one has to wonder if it’s real time or a slow-motion replay. The Wolves’ Miller is just not very quick on offense or defense. He would give the Sixers a great shooter, but would he fit into their ball-hawking defensive style? 

Also, do the Timberwolves necessarily have a need for cap space this offseason, and do they want to have to deal with Foye competing for court time with Andre Miller? The Wolves have now won 5 straight games and may not want to mess with their chemistry.
1. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS – With the Darius Miles debacle in play, the Trail Blazers could be looking to shed payroll. Miller’s 10 million expiring contract would do wonders for them. They would probably offer Steve Blake and Martell Webster for Miller, but the Sixers would most likely ask for Travis Outlaw who has a much more appealing contract. 

The Sixers might not even be interested in Steve Blake, a pedestrian NBA point guard. After Portland sent an email out to rival teams telling them not to sign Miles, many NBA teams may not want to deal with the Blazers and help them out of their situation.  The Sixers could be one of those teams.
So what options are the Sixers left with?  One option would be extending Miller, who has been shooting lights out in January (60%, third in the NBA among players with 10 or more shots per game behind Mehmet Okur and Dwight Howard) and scoring 20.5 points per game.  Miller is also a ridiculous 6 for 10 from beyond the arc. 

We’ll see if the Sixers try to extend Miller through 2011 which would still keep their cap open to sign a big free agent that summer. But Miller and his agent may be looking for a 3-year deal which would put the Sixers in quite a quandry.
When looking at the possibilities, the best bet might be rolling the dice with #7. Is it Miller time for the Sixers or is trading Miller a good call?  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Bartender, I’ll have a Miller”

  1. I think I’ll have a Miller too, Dave

    I am a Miller fan since day 1, I think we have to keep this guy ad re-sign him, extendhim for another couple of years, perhaps with a team option for the third year

    I think we could close the deal at around 15 mill for the next two years, and we would secure a very good PG to continue our growth. If the price he’ll ask is too high, we can let him go and give the helm to Lou Williams, that is learning a lot of things from Miller as we are seeing every night, perhaps extending Ivey’s minutes for defense purposes

    But really, let’s not trade this guy, all the proposals you precisely listed aren’t exciting me. The most intriguing one would be Hinrich for Dalembert actually

  2. Cesar Reon said

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot

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