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Red hot Philly peppers

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 17, 2009

82990707JG014_SPURS_SIXERSYour Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers (19-20, .487) are the hottest team in the League.

No kidding.

If you don’t believe it, just ask the Spurs, buried under a 22 point-deep grave (109-87) after being schooled all night long.

Make it six consecutive Ws, and counting.

Remember how they toyed with us in the first quarter of that unbelievable game played on the 3rd of December?

Spurs shot 8/11 from downtown in the first period, and finished with 15/28. Remember our impressive comeback (from -21 to +1) and the hurting end, with Parker’s high arcing buzzer beater? It seems like two months ago now, not thirteen days. Payback time.

To complete the picture of our 180° turnaround, read this excerpt, taken from S4G recap of that game in San Antonio:

in the last seven games Sixers have been outscored 48-189 (- 141 !!) on three pointers. As for the percentages, it’s Sixers 21% (16/75), opponents 43.4% (63/145).

There is more, unfortunately.

The New Jersey Nets, currently the worst team in NBA as for opponents’ 3 pt percentage, allow other teams to shoot 41.2% vs them. It means that over the last seven games we are doing worse than the worst team in the League !!!

Forget that all.

Sixers are shooting 50% from behind the arc over the last six games wins. Yes, 42/84. From 21% to 50%, in less than two weeks.

Yesterday we knocked down THREE QUARTER BUZZER BEATERS (!!), two by Iguodala to end the first two periods, including one from 44 feet just before halftime, one by Lou Williams to give us a comfortable fifteen point margin (85-70) before the start of the fourth.

I think there is no “technical” explaination for such a dramatic change in such a short time. It’s just a matter of confidence.

The same confidence that brought Thaddeus Young to his career high 27 points last night. Dunks, threes, drives, low post baskets, spin moves, even a tough right handed (!) lay up to finish a fastbreak, showing a perfect control of his body and avoiding the charge (enjoy it in the pic).

Or that allows Andre Iguodala to play some FANTASTIC all around basketball: he’s our best assist man right now, averaging 6,6 dimes per game during this winning streak. This is to me more impressive than his 55,8% from the field in the same stretch (48/86).

Yesterday, he got the ball in the low post and had a spin move+ reverse dunk that left Bruce f’n Bowen stunned, remembering the days when he was considered the best defensive player in the NBA….

That thunderous dunk reminded me of a highlight of some years ago, when Vince Carter beat his mean off the dribble, drove from the baseline and went up for a similar, big reverse throwdown. Difference: Carter did it when guarded by Chris Mullin (LOL).

The game was basically A PILE OF EXCITING SIXER-SPORTSCENTER-PLAYS: Dalembert completed two alley oops, Speights took off another couple of times, always fed by Lou Williams (as usual), Thad was flying all around.. And we were playing the Spurs !!! And wearing the classic Sixers uniforms I’ve been lobbying for !!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

And I couldn’t believe my ears either, when italian commentators mentioned this site while broadcasting the game ! Yes, NBA League Pass blackouted the game, so I watched it on our Sky Sport, and one of the two journalists said that there is “one italian site completely dedicated to the Sixers” he is familiar with… eheheh…. guess which one he was referring to 🙂

This will hopefully have a follow up, as I already met Federico Buffa this summer (he’s the guy… better, the man !! Simply the best journalist covering the NBA here, “the guido italian Peter Vecsey”, just to give you an idea), introduced him the blog, and I want to have a second meeting with him soon to complete our first chat and post a Sixer-centered interview over the next days. Hopefully, we will be over .500 by then.

I guess the Knicks aren’t particularly happy to match up vs us tonight.

A Brand new team, definitely. Elton, welcome back. Despite what many might think now, we will be better with you in the long term.

Ouh, and DO NOT TRADE MILLER, please. He’s the engine of a machine that is working too well.


2 Responses to “Red hot Philly peppers”

  1. PhilaflavaTA said

    champaigne basketball man! lol…nothin to say
    just can’t way for Buffa’s interview.He is a kind of a living bible

  2. thanks my friend

    this week, probably, stay tuned

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