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A pile of eighteen bricks

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 2, 2009


That was a pretty unbelievable “show”. And an atrocious finish.

Sixers shot 2/20 in the fourth quarter on their way to an unlikely 83-85 loss to the Nets (23-23), one of those games that would leave any fan completely speechless.

Check the sequence to end the game:

Brand jump shot, MISSED – Ivey 3 point shot, MISSED – Lou Williams 3 point shot, MISSED – Lou Williams lay up, BLOCKED – Brand jump shot, MISSED – Iguodala 3 point hsot, MISSED, – Brand layup, MISSED – Brand lauyp, MISSED – Young jump shot, MISSED – Brand jump shot, MISSED – Iguodala jump shot, MISSED – Miller jump shot, MISSED – Iguodala layup, MISSED – Speights jump shot, MISSED – Speights layup, BLOCKED – Williams jump shot, MISSED – Miller lauyp, BLOCKED, Ivey 3 point shot, BLOCKED –> Final buzzer…

That’s ZERO-FOR-EIGHTEEN in the last 10 minutes. How many games will you win that way? Scoring 8 point in the final quarter?

The “funny” things are two.

One is that Nets didn’t do much to win the game. Despite that unbelievable Sixers’ draught, they still trailed by three points with 1.30 to play (83-80), with Harris going 0/2 from the line, seconds before Thad split a pair to score our last point.

Then Harris easily beat Miller twice off the dribble, scoring on the first drive and missing the second layup, that was slammed home by Lopez for the decisive basket.

Sixers closed the game with two shots getting blocked, with Hassell (!!) and Harris (!!!!) swatting respectively Miller’s layup and Ivey’s desperation three pointer. Nothing to be proud of.

The second “funny” thing is that Carter had to leave the game at the beginning of the fourth, with New Jersey down TWELVE (79-67). So the already-bad Nets were missing their best offensive weapon.

Brooke Lopez more than made up for Carter’s absence, putting up a monster performance of 24 + 17.

Actually the main part of those eighteen final misses were good shots. They simply weren’t falling. Why, I have no clue. Confidence, maybe.

We didn’t turn the ball over much. We played some good defense also. We won the battle under the boards, even if only with a two rebound margin (48-46). We shot better from the line, something that rarely happens.

But we somehow found a way to lose the game.

Sixers were booed at the end and I think they deserved it, even if the effort was there. It’s the execution that lacked. You just can’t let games lijke this one slip away. We blew a great chance to go two games over .500 for the first time this season.

It seems that we struggle playing the Nets (0-2 with both losses coming at home…), another thing I have no explaination for, because they are a pretty weak team that played “normal” games at the Wachovia center.

Bring on the Celtics quickly, so that we can put this game definitely behind our back.


3 Responses to “A pile of eighteen bricks”

  1. Tom Moore said

    The stat that gets me is five field goals and 11 turnovers in the second half. It was a total meltdown. How else do you explain Miller, Iguodala, Williams and Young combining for no points on 0-for-10 shooting in the fourth quarter? And Brand was 0-for-7.

    DiLeo said at practice Monday that the Sixers must continue to push the ball — they stopped for some reason in the second half — and have to run plays in half-court sets all the way through, instead of breaking them off in the middle.

    BTW, Dalembert didn’t practice today, but said he can play Tuesday.

  2. thanks for the update Tom, precious info

    I agree with what DiLeo said, great point

    not sure if the fact that Sam can play tonight is good or bad news, LOL (I’m just being evil…)

  3. […] only way to get rid of the stench of a bad loss is to take the court and win.  Well, the Sixers didn’t just have a bad loss against the Nets on Saturday, they had a horrible one.  It was as ugly a defeat as I can remember seeing.  It was completely indefensible.  The funny […]

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