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Willie Green is the real wizard

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 2, 2009


Even if one day late (sorry, a troubled and hectic weekend), I think it’s fair to give Willie Green his props.

He was Sixers’ MVP in the 104-94 W over Washington (23-22), a game that pushed the Sixers over .500 for the first time since November 23rd, when we were 7-6.

Green, often bashed here for…well, too many reasons to list them all, was extraordinary vs Wizards, especially in the first quarter, when he scored 16 points helping the Sixers build a 32-17 lead.

Not only Green was productive in putting points on the scoreboard (a season high 20 in less than 24 minutes of action), but he added also five assists, which is something I like to point out this time, after blaming him for years for being a gunner with no passing skills/instinct.

He deserves the honour (?) of being featured in S4G’s pic – btw sporting our lovely, classical uniforms.

Other notable things from the Wizards game were:

1) the 11-0 run that lifted Washington up three in the third (63-66), taking advantage of our static offense.

2) the ten quick points scored by Lou Williams in the fourth, after finishing the third with a tough three at the buzzer (74-70).

3) some nice plays by Royal Ivey and Reggie Evans in key moments of the third (a three by Royal to stop the aforementioned Wizards run) and of the fourth (a couple of important offensive rebounds by Reggie, to give us extra possessions, that eventually led to big baskets)

4) the injury occured to Sam Dalembert, that had to leave the game in the first half. He has a streak of 235 straight games played for the Sixers, that is now at risk for the game vs Nets.

5) three consecutibe baskets by Iguodala down the stretch, that basically closed the game (100-91 with 1.50 to play). One dunk and two jumpers, you gotta love the combination.

So much for a game that I thought over after 12 minutes.

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Sixers improved to 16-3 when scoring 100 + points. That’s a pretty impressive stat – Wizards shot 13/13 from the line in the third – Crittenton’s 15 points are a career high… you remember him in the Gasol trade, right? Yeah, he was the throw in – Sixers’ bench outscored Wizards’ 40-19. – Check the recap by Bullets forever.

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