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How can you leave this guy wide open ???

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 4, 2009


Thad, Thad, jeez !!! I love you and everything but you costed us the game last night !! 

Is there anything more annoying that losing to the f’n mighty Celtics? Yes, losing to them on a last second shot.

Basically the 99-100 loss vs Celtics of last night came in the same way of the loss @ San Antonio, and the home loss to Dallas. Last second shots/buzzer beaters. That’s why we are at 23-24 now (.489), instead of some spots higher.

But let’s take a closer look at those ends.

@ San Antonio: lucky catch by Tony Parker after a wild offensive possession by the Spurs and an unbelievable turnaround high arching shot. We couldn’t have done anything better on that play, honestly. Some luck + a heck of  a play by a former Finals MVP, give him credit.

Vs Dallas: tough fallaway jumper by Nowiztki over Evans in a half court set. We couldn’t have done anything better, again. A former NBA MVP that closes the game with one of his trademark shots. Just take your hat off to him.

Vs Celtics: a nice play started with 6 seconds to play but ended with one of the best NBA shooters, with a history of knocking down countless winning shots, taking a WIDE OPEN three from the baseline. Blame our defense, and the “miscommunication”:

“We were supposed to switch any and every screen on the court,” said Thaddeus Young, who raced in vain to contest Allen’s shot. “It was a miscommunication.

“I thought everyone knew. We even huddled up on the court and said, ‘Let’s switch all these screens and get this last stop.’ ”

The last-second screen was between Davis (initially guarded by Samuel Dalembert) and Allen (guarded by Young).

“I was going to take Big Baby, Sam was going to take Ray,” Young said. “. . . I saw Sam wasn’t going to get to Ray, so I tried to get to him.”

Whatever. We let a great, exciting, fun game result into another disheartening finish. Check Brian’s great analysis of our close losses also.

That’s how we wasted:

1) a very good game by Andre Iguodala and his potential game winner with 6.8 seconds left.

2) a season high 14 points and a solid overall play by Sam Dalembert

3) a spectacular “cammeo” by Marreese Speights, with six consecutive points in the fourth, after sitting on the bench for the first three

4) a great effort by Reggie Evans, almost singlehandedly shaking the Sixers after a slow start (from 23-38 with 9 minutes to play in the second to a 47-44 lead). Reggie had 6 points and 5 rebounds in the first half, shooting 6/8 from the line (how about Evans-ic? LOL) and providing a tremendous boost with his energy, especially on the defensive end.

Other considerations to be made:

  • Celtics had a layup party in the first half. In the first quarter they shot 14/20, with Rondo contributing 5/6. Some Derrick Coleman-type of hard foul would have been appreciated here. Really. Not to hit any them of course, but just to “protect the territory” and send a message.
  • We played some solid defense lately, pushing them to committ 13 turnovers in the first half, 20 at the end.
  • When we went up seven with four minutes to play (92-85) I immediately said to myself that I would have put Dalembert in (yes, I thought that…I admit) to protect the rim and secure the rebounds. He was playing well and had a few blocks before, he was in a rythm.
  • Elton Brand is close to reach “problem” status. He apparently is not ok with his shoulder again and could be shut down. That’s an issue. Dalembert was productive offensively but we didn’t take advantage of Garnett’s absence and of Perkins’ and Davis’ foul troubles like we could/should have.

Speaking of holes in our frontcourt dept, maybe it’s not a coincidence that Paul Pierce scored five points on two drives to the hoop, the second one on a circus shot (95-94). And/or that Davis had two offensive rebounds in the same possession, before knocking down one of his (too many) long jumpers.

One thing to conclude. I can’t express how much I like Ray Allen as a player. Just as much as I hate the Celtics perhaps.

I like shooters. Too bad there arent’ such shooters on my team. They do serve a purpose, and it showed.

SIXERS4GUIDOS BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS Sixers’ first (and only) three came in the fourth by Royal Ivey (83-79) –  Not to complain but refs had a bunch of bad calls last night – I went to bed at 4 AM to watch the game live. Not exactly happy – Sixers shot 16/46 (34%) in the first half, Celtics 22/39 (56%). We stayed close thanks to an unusual free throw accuracy (17/19) – This is Celtics Blog’s recap. They have more coverage on the game and a post about Brand, surf the site – Lou Williams struggled initially (0/3) but was hot in the final, scoring on a tough fastbreak drive while drawing a foul from Pierce – Celtics shot 12/19 in the fourth…


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