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Our bench players hotter than Heat

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 8, 2009


The 2008/2009 Miami Heat have to be the most boring team in NBA history.

Really. This must be said, but it shouldn’t take anything from our 94-84 W of last night (25-24, .510).

Our bench gave us a great lift, especially in the fourth quarter, sparking the decisive break that put us in condition to secure the win.

I’ll keep the story of the first three quarters VERY short, because it was really an ugly display of basketball on both sides.

Miami is a team that does NOT play in transition, does NOT have a passing game, does NOT have a great circulation and does NOT have low post scorers. So how did they stay in the game, and even build a 8 point lead in the third (57-65) ??

Some good zone defense, taking care of the ball, getting easy baskets off pick-and-roll situations. Enough.

Sixers had a nice start, with Young closing the first period with 8 points on 4/5, but then a bad second quarter offensively: poor circulation, forced shots, unforced turnovers. And we allowed a lot of layups, again, due to slow rotations on the pick and roll.  

The third was even worse for us, we shot 4/18 and stayed close only making all of our eleven attempts from the line (finally !). Miami did his usual, boring, job but couldn’t pull away.

The fourth was a totally different story. Sixers started it with a bloue collar lineup of Lou Williams, Royal Ivey, Andre Iguodala, Reggie Evans and Marreese Speights. Evans knocked down three of four from the line and when Speights found Ivey for an easy layup to give us the lead (74-73 ) the game was turned around, thanks to the energy provided by the back ups.

Then the so called-second unit extended the stretch: Ivey knocked down a three, Young had another and Ivey stole the ball and went all the way for a layup immediatley after a timeout by Miami, a play that killed their confidence and gave us a ten point lead, 84-74.

Ivey wasn’t finished, though: he connected again from behind the arc (89-78 ) and then left the stage to Speights, who had a left handed jump hook and a block on Wade before the three by Ivey.

Marreese completed his big night with the exclamation mark, a thunderous alley oop dunk to silence a series of baskets by fellow rookie Beasley, the only offensive option left for Miami.

Ugly game, exciting finish, nice win.

Take your hat off to those hard working guys, the credit should go to them.

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Evans is 14/18 from the line in the last three games !! 62.8 % for the season, career high !!!! – Ok, don’t get too excited, his 38% from the field is a career low, LOL – Sixers are 16-10 with Di Leo on the bench, and 12-8 without Brand – A quiet night for the two Andres – Wade is the least-exciting-great-player ever. I respect him and can recognize his greatness, but I will never be a great fan of him.

4 Responses to “Our bench players hotter than Heat”

  1. Maverick said

    Wade least-exciting-great-player e addirittura ever? secondo me è il gioco degli Heat di quest’anno che è noioso, non Wade in sè… anzi Wade è uno dei più spettacolari per me…

    intanto vittoriella contro PHX 😀

  2. guarda Maverick hai ragione, mi sono fatto un po’ trascinare…ahahahhaha

    cmq Wade, per quanto grandissimo, per carità, raramente mi esalta, è il suo gioco un po’ particolare, troppi tiri liberi, pochi tiri da tre… poi per schiacciate e stoppate niente da dire, ma lo fanno in tanti nella NBA, ecco.

    fra i pari ruolo mi piace di più un Ray Allen, per dirne una, o Jason Richardson.. non sto parlando di valore assoluto, ovviamente, capiamoci, Wade è un Finals MVP, quindi nessuno lo discute, ci mancherebbe.

    a più tardi x il recap della partita con Phoenix, stay tuned 🙂

  3. PrimeTime - Miami said

    Lmao wow you have to be the dumbest blogger ever to say the Heat are the most boring team in NBA history your so bias its disgusting if you have something to say atleast know what your talking about its not our fault the average fan cant name more then 2 players on your team.

    Good luck in the playoffs, your going to need it

  4. PrimeTime Miami, thanks for the contribution, LOL

    I 100% confirm Miami is an extremely boring team, maybe you don’t know the difference between ONE (phenomenal) PLAYER and A (100% boring) TEAM

    I’ll tell you, so that next time you are informed: a team is made by FIVE players. Got it? If you get excited in watching J O’Neal, Udonis Haslem, Chris Quinn etc playing controlled bball good for you, I like more Iguodala, Young, Williams, a running team, fastbreaks, alley oops, etc. Maybe it’s me.

    And btw it’s “at least” (2 words), “it’s” and not “its”, “can’t” and not “cant”, “you are” and not “your”.

    Come back soon 🙂

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