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Sixers lose to Denver, keep (injured) Miller

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 20, 2009


Here is when the six-hour time zone difference vs the US f’s you up.

So that’s what happened between last night and tonight, CGT (central guido time).

I stayed up a little bit longer and started following the Denver game on, until the end of the first quarter.

At around 1.40 AM I finally went to bed (you know, have to work the day after etc etc), with Sixers up twelve, 25-13. Not too bad of a start vs the #2 team in the Western Conference, I thought.

This morning at work I couldn’t resist and I immediately checked the boxscore. Mmmhhh, we lost 89-101, damn it (27-26, .509). Wait, not only that, but Miller got injured !! Double damage. Jeez.

So I worked my butt off for the usual 10 hrs in office, then finally went home and, after spaghetti and meatballs dinner, started watching the replaying game on League Pass, of course already knowing the end….

But in the meantime the trade deadline was approaching (10 PM CGT), so I had to watch the Nuggets slowly killing us, but always keeping another window of my laptop open to see whether Stefanski would deal Miller or not.

At the end of the day the two bad news (loss + injury to Miller) were countered by a good one: our PG is not going anywhere, injured or not.

I’ll keep the Miller part short: if you follow this blog you know I was, am and will be a fan of Andre Miller, so I’m happy we kept him.

Coincidentially, Sixers showed how bad they can be without Miller in the last two games. Actually in the first one he was simply in an off night, while yesterday he had to leave, with his team mates creating a total mess on the court for the rest of the game…

I hope WITH Miller we won’t have to enjoy such horrendous bball in the future.

While watching the Chauncey & Melo show, I tried to send him a question to John Hollinger in his chat on asking him about Miller, but another guy anticipated me. Anyway, here is Hollinger’s opinion about Stefanski’s decision:

Chris Laurel Springs: Were you suprised the Sixers did not trade Andre Miller? 

John Hollinger: For what? There wasn’t much available in terms of point guards and shooting specialists, so you’re better off just re-signing him at a lower number in a depressed market this summer.

Hey John, how about I hire you for Sixers4guidos ? Does that opportunity sound intriguing? Send me your resume, LOL.

So back to the Nuggets game. I’m glad we play them only twice a year.

There, we let a 17-point lead evaporate, for a pretty unbelievable loss down the stretch. Here, it was “just” 16, for a more-than-believable one. At this pace, in a decade and 1/2 we could perhaps pull one W vs them.

It was 31-15 in the second quarter (10.04 left), after a 360° lefhanded layup by Andre Iguodala, his only field goal of the game by the way.

It became 70-83 in the fourth (8.05), then 80-95 (2.12), Nuggets’ largest lead.

What happened in between? Few things.

Like Billups scoring 17 points in the third and Denver going on 12-0 and 24-4 runs. The same period in which Sixers started shooting 1/10 and finished 8/24.

Or Sixers going on with another nice 0/9 to begin the fourth. We reached a remarkable 3/16 until someone put the round thing in the round iron more consistently, too bad it was late.

You know, those kind of things that don’t really help you winning games vs tough opponents… Including the injury to your starting PG, of course (the score was at 49-54, 8 minutes left), that was playing pretty well, of course.

If you think that the boxscore is not clear enough, I have more features for you. Like Roundball Mining Company’s recap, always an interesting read. Or what follows below.


For my loyal readers, in order of awfulness (?):

Royal Ivey is shooting 3/22 in the last four games (13.6% !!!!), 32% for the season. That includes several airballs when he is wide open. 

Reggie Evans is shooting 3/20 in the last eight (15% !), 36% for the season (!!!). Around 3/4 of those shots are putbacks and layups around the rim. F-i-f-t-e-e-n percent over eight games.

Lou Williams, simply UNWATCHABLE last night with passes to his opponents or jacked up long range shots with no rythm, is shooting 25/83 in the last eight (30%) and 41/129 in the last twelve (31%). Notice that this means he’s taking MORE THAN TEN SHOTS PER GAME, in around 25 minutes of action. Makes Antoine Walker look like John Stockton.

Willie Green is shooting 18/51 in the last five (35%).

Thaddeus Young is shooting 46/115 in the last eight (40%).

Love it? I think you got the point.

Take Miller out and we become the Clippers of the East. And I do love the Clippers, but one Clipper team is enough.

Andre, please, come back soon. Make it 502. As a Sixer.


One Response to “Sixers lose to Denver, keep (injured) Miller”

  1. Thadius said

    Players can’t shoot, don’t defend consistently yet you people expect wins…………where from? You win when you have at least two players who can shoot the ball well and you back that up with good consistent defence.

    When the Sixers are able to do both consistently then you expect wins. Until then hold on……..

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