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Sixers, where shit at the buzzer ALWAYS happens

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 24, 2009

So now you can add this

…to this this this (technically not a buzzer beater, but anyway…)

How does that feel?

I hope you “enjoyed” those, more to come tonight, after I’ll watch the complete game.

I always knew thatshithappens2

but perhaps not to this point.

3 Responses to “Sixers, where shit at the buzzer ALWAYS happens”

  1. Nick Nocit said

    ricky after watching all of these videos in a row i can only compare it too bringing four diffrent girls home from the bar and each one leaving you with blue balls…………..that was a travel sixers need to protest ……check as well for a recap

  2. Juan Camilo said

    Ricky My Friend!!!

    Well bro last night I can’t sleep, that shot by Harris really Kill Me,I tHink is probably the most heartbreaking lose of my life, but after reading the post game commnets I Agree with Iggy :

    “I thought a lot was going on for 1.8 seconds,” Iguodala said. “I thought for sure it wasn’t good and I still don’t think it was good.”

    tonight we need desperately a win against Washinghton


    From Colombia


  3. Juan Camilo, welcome back hermano

    I agree with Iguodala, but read my next post, we have to blame ourselves.

    Nick, thanks for commenting. I don’t think it was a travel but I think the clock started few tenths later. Whatever, let’s move on, a L vs Wash tonight would really kill our confidence. Great job there at Philly Sports Pride, I’ll check back soon

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