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We have to re-start from “that” game

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 25, 2009


Your 27-28 (.491) Sixers, coming off four consecutive losses, meet the Wizards in few hours and this gives me the chance to do some things that in those really busy days at work – with 10+ hours in office every day… – I couldn’t do.

First off, put a link to Bullets forever, one of the best NBA team blogs overall, maybe the best one (to me, up there with Golden State of Mind, The Dream Shake and few others). Get there the Bullets Wizards fans’ perspective.

Second, make a few considerations a couple of days after “that” shot and “that” game. The 98-96 L at New Jersey, I mean.


Yeah, the shot was released on time, I saw that, we all saw that. But yeah, the clock started few tenths later (3, 4, 5..? who cares). There is no way in hell you can take an inbound pass, dribble, try to get a shot off, lose the ball, re-catch it and launch it towards the basket in 1.8 seconds.  Hey, it took me 3 minutes just to type this (LOL).

Again, a heck of a shot, maybe the shot of the year, and for some thousands reasons (NBA as “a show”, PR purposes, some homerism etc) it was 100% sure they would have considered it good anyway, but come on….


Sixers should have never come to that point, and should have closed the game WAY earlier. We should blame only ourselves for creating the conditions to be eventually f’d.

Which takes us to the upcoming game and the…


1) free throw shooting.

F’n unbelievable. I lost the count of the close games we… lost because of poor free throw shooting. Vs Nets it was a two point loss with FOURTEEN misses from the line. How many single digit losses with 10+ missed FTs we saw this year ????

As usual, it was our perimeter players piling up the main part of the bricks. This is the things that irks me the most. I would understand if Reggie Evans would miss FIVE fouls shots in a night, but Andre Miller (7/12)? Lou Williams going 2/5 ???? Unacceptable.

2) perimeter defence

We allowed the Nets to shoot 12/25 (48%) from the arc. That stat includes the desperation shot by Harris, but also another 3-4 WIDE OPEN threes that Harris, Anderson etc simply missed. But it was just them and the basket, with no defenders around.

I mean, Keyon effin’ Dooling (not Ray Allen) knocked down three consecutive threes in the second quarter, and from the same identical spot. Hello?

3) early leads wasted.

Sixers build pretty big advantages in the first quarter just as easily as they immediately blow them. Vs Denver it was another +12 first Q, only to collapse in the third. This time we anticipated it, with the game tied at the break.

Which leads me to the final part of the post.


1) THIS Ivey is unwatchable. 0/6, 2/6, 0/4, 1/6, 0/3, 1/4 in the last six games. It means 4/29 (13,7 %) !!! And he played from 12 to 25 minutes in this stretch, logging many minutes as guard (!). How about riding the pine a little bit ????

How about giving some of his minutes to Rush ???? He can’t be worse than Lou defensively, he can’t be worse than Ivey offensively. Let’s try.

2) Reggie Evans is playing too much, also. You loyal S4G readers perhaps know I appreciate him, but he played around 20 minutes in five of the last seven games, and that makes no sense. Cut them to 12-15 maximum.

Increase Speights’ minutes to 20+ CONSTANTLY, keep Sam on the floor more (yes, I said it…) and put Theo in for 3-5 minutes per game, if needed. As much as I like him, Evans is useful as a spark, to turn (some) things around, he’s not the long-term solution.

Now that I think about it, the most scaring part of the Nets game(s) is that we are 0-3 vs those scrubs, and we threw away each of those three games, the last two in a way that is extremely difficult to describe and/or accept….

Bring on Washington, I would like to put a pic of some of us tomorrow up there on this page, in Harris’ place.

Uhm, I didn’t recap the 97-91 L at Miami either (27-27, .500), the third of our four consecutive losses. The game was blackouted here in Italy. Actually after reading the reports and watching the highlights, I can’t complain for that, LOL.


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