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Sixers sweep Wizards. Wow.

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 27, 2009


Maybe I should say “yawn”, not “wow”.

After 48 minutes of poor basketball, several embarassing turnovers, a ton of layups missed and a couple of highlights, Sixers escaped from Washington with a 98-106 W, one of those victories you really can’t be proud of (28-28, .500).

The (only ?) good thing is that we avoided the fifth consecutive loss, and that we snapped that losing streak. Another loss, particularly against THIS Wizards team, would have been a memorable disaster.

But I saw only slight improvements from the last games, and a team that is still struggling.

I won’t even bother recapping the whole stuff, Sixers won in the third quarter when they played some decent basketball, and went on a 12-0 run sparked by Iguodala, who played an excellent overall game, as his stat line should suggest (but yes, he had also seven turns).

We extended the lead to 18 early in the fourth (67-85) and pretty much controlled the game until the end, despite some sloppy play and more really stupid mistakes that allowed Wizards to come within eight with 1.20 to play (89-97).

Let’s keep the few good things.

1) Iguodala was really good, scored when needed, dished out many good dimes, played some solid defense. He gave what you should expect from your best player, basically.

2) Miller had a nice game as well, despite shooting 3/6 from the line down the stretch, again. I noticed he was EXTREMELY NERVOUS at the end in a couple of occasions, shaking his head when some of his team mates was either committing a turnover or a dumb foul. He wasn’t happy with himself either, and every missed foul shot was followed by an expression of disappointment.

In the third, he went up (!) for a block (!!) on Mike James, sparking a fastbreak finished by Young’s two handed dunk, off a pass by Green (!!!). Read the whole sentence again, until you 100% believe it.

3) Reggie Evans gave a nice contribution, surprisingly also on offense, even if he played too many minutes, again. He can really drive even the calmest fan crazy with his inability to finish, though.

4) Lou Williams was half-decent: he finally shoot the ball well, but his playmaking skills are apparently declining, game by game. His decision making is always suspect to say the least, he never looks for a team mate before trying to get a shot off.

But I liked that in the fourth, after missing a long three as the shot clock was winding down, followed the play and concluded it with a fantastic putback dunk, off Young’s offensive rebound and miss. Good sign. It made him deserve the honour (?) of being featured in S4G pic.

5) Royal Ivey & Willie Green did less damage than usual, which (sadly) is good news. Ivey even hit a shot (LOL).

6) Sam Dalembert started with a 9 point-first quarter (4/4, all dunks), later got blocked twice on the same possession by Andray Blatche, but did a solid job, after all.

I have only one thing to say about the Wizards: SOFT. I really like Jamison and, mostly, Butler, but that team is so disfunctional it’s beyond belief. Our buddies at the mighty Bullets Forever portrayed the feelings of Washington fans like this.

One time, Jamison passed the ball to his cousin (I guess) in the first row, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Barely a wonder that their coach is mad at them:

The Wizards have been off-track all season, and Tapscott said his team lacked “focus, concentration, effort and execution”—and he pounded the lectern several times to emphasize the point. He said he might have to begin scripting a pregame preparation period for his players so that they will be mentally ready to play.

“If that means I’m out there on the floor in my sweats, we’ll do that,” he said.

Asked for his reaction, co-captain Antawn Jamison said: “That’s embarrassing that Coach is saying that now. He’s been saying that for almost since he’s taken over and still for some guys that is a joke”

Sixers play the Knicks on Friday, looking for another series sweep. Wow (?).

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Wizards wore some cool “Zephyrs” uniforms, not bad. I have no clue why and what those unis refer to – Butler had 13 points by halftime, on 5/5 including a long three pointer to end the first quarter – Iguodala had a steal and an even longer three at the third quarter buzzer, to end the period at 67-82, great plays – Wizards offense vs our (weak) trap defence was pathetic – I checked: the last time Evans made five free throws in a game was when he was 12 y/o.


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