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Hornets show NBA bball is quite simple

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 3, 2009


Guys, I told you the All Star break was untimely

Sixers’ record after that weekend is 2-6 (29-30, .492 overall now), and the 91-98 loss to the Hornets is just the last of a series of games that are exposing our weaknesses.


Two baskteball teams (A and B) take 16 three point shots in a game. Team A knocks down ten of them, team B four.

Which team has more chances to win the game? 

(Hint: team A is NOT the Sixers)

I couldn’t watch the Hornets game, blackouted in Italy, but I put together a nice (hopefully) collection of links that will help us get the picture of what happened last night, other than what you could guess from the boxscore and recaps.

Let’s start with the winners’ side.

I like New Orleans team a lot, I am a huge Chris Paul fan and Ryan’s Hornets 247 is the place where Hornets fans gather. This is how they saw the game, and I extracted some parts, where they talk about about the Sixers, because it’s always interesting to see what others think of us.

Andre Miller is a tough customer. I love that guy, even when he’s not providing chicken for the masses. I’m amazed at how much the Sixers play him off the ball considering he’s a point guard…

Nice job on the boards tonight…

…it seemed like we did a better job limiting the Philly fast break as the game wore on

They provided some key facts here, uh? And they like Miller, even if they watch Paul every night… does this tell you something? And, btw, what would this team look like WITHOUT MIller ? Ever thought about that?

Dannie from Recliner GM was at the game to watch Chris Paul in person, and this is what he saw at the Wachovia center. Dannie is not happy with Lou Williams, just like many of us, and says he had enough of the Thad-at-PF experiment.

I must say I don’t get why Thad (6’8) had to guard Chandler (7’1)…

One would say “Because West was killing Dalembert !” (see also the pic: Hornets’ PF had 22 points at the half), and then my second question would be: why was Sam guarding West ??? How about (big) centers stay on opposing (big) centers’ and PFs stay on PFs? Too difficult?

I know West is a beast (I even picked him for all of my fantasy teams…), and he probably would have killed That as well, but giving the Hornets such an advantage under the boards is beyond me.

Another thing I have troubles with, often covered here on S4G, is that Evans (25) ALWAYS gets more minutes than Speights (19). And this coming from a Reggie fan.

Brian/Depressed fan is praising the Andres and tracked our defence vs the pick & roll in detail.

Jsams over at Liberty Ballers says he’s becoming “immune to emotion” (LOL) when it comes to this team… scaring uh?

Anthony from Heard it in the cheap seats reports how Sixers are continuing in their poor play, while Derek from Philly Arena is repeating how Sixers’ shortcomings are …repeating themselves. He has also some interesting observations about Sam Dalembert: 

Sammy was pouting. Big time. Every time I looked down at the Sixers bench (I sit not too far back behind the bench), Sammy had his head in his hands, a bad combination of disinterest and pouting


But I think the best article is this post by Kate Fagan on Deep Sixer, because it provides several “technical” (=bball related) explainations of what’s going (wr)on(g) in Sixerland

Read this:

they say it was a case of “pick-your-poison.” Exactly which poison did the Sixers leave on the shelf? David West scored 30 points inside, Chris Paul had 16 points and 12 assists, Rasual Butler and James Posey — outside shooters — had 16 each, and Peja Stojakovic went 2 for 3 from the three-point line.

Kate is 100% right, Sixers are swollowing all poisons right now, on a nightly basis…

I’m afraid we’ll watch .500 bball all year and maybe this will eventually help in finding a “real” coach for the next season.

The more I see these close losses, the more I am convinced that Di Leo (who is doing good overall, and who was hired to do another job, let’s not forget this) is not the long term solution.

Hopefully Stefanski will hire a new guy this summer.

I am all for bringing in Avery Johnson, and I think we’ll have time to cover this.


2 Responses to “Hornets show NBA bball is quite simple”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    Ricky My Friend!!!

    Hey Ricky Check I watch the Sixers vs Hornets game in that Page, and also in very good Quality, they put a lot of NBA games everyday so I Hope this will help you in those days that you get blackouted(LOL)

    And About the game , I Think the Sixers Try too many 3pt shots, and of course we miss a lot of them,and also Chris Paul is a beastttt Killing us with a 3PT with about a minute to play,that take out the little air left in our tank


    From Colombia


  2. Juan Camilo, hermano !

    Yes, I heard of that site, I’ll check it again, thanks. Does it also have replaying games or only live? because this is the main problem, from Monday to Friday for me it’s difficult to watch live because of the time zone difference and the fact that I have to go to work the day after 🙂

    Anyway thanks, you have been really kind, I’ll let you know the developments

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