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Pathetic Sixers find a way to lose in OKC

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 9, 2009


And they pick the worst way, also.

Blown out. In Oklahoma City. Against the Thunder.

Not Pierce’s Celtics. Not Kobe’s Lakers. Not LeBron’s Cavs. No. Krstic’s Thunder (LOL).

89-74 is the final score, but it doesn’t give you the idea, really. Reality is we are at 30-31, .492.

“Well, the Thunder can be a dangerous team, when Durant and Green are hot…”. Uhm, no. Neither of them played.

“Well, Sixers were tired, in the second night of a back-to-back”…. Perhaps. Too bad Oklahoma was playing for the second consecutive night as well.

“Uhm, maybe Sixers just suck ?”. BINGO !!

Weaver-Westbrook-Sefolosha-Malik Rose-Collison.

Thunder played large part of the third quarter with this line up. It means two rookies (one barely heard of), two perennial mediocre bench warmers + a glorious-but-fading thirteen-year veteran, who …

…logged a total of 28 minutes in his final two months with the Knicks— including a monthlong stretch when he didn’t play at all.

We couldn’t outplay this squad. For the whole night.

Recapping the whole game would be unnecessarily painful, I’ll give you just the (team) gems.

1) 22-2 run allowed in the second, to go down twelve, 38-26. A margin never recovered.

2) outrebounded 41-33, 22-14 at the half.

3) usual, pathetic performance from the line: we finished with 15/25 but it was 10/18 before (and 4/7 in the first quarter etc…). Simply put, no Sixer can safely go 2/2 when he’s sent to the charity stripe.

4) usual, pathetic performance from behind the arc. One of the three threes we knocked down (on 13), was in garbage time.

5) an Everest-high pile of turnovers, a half dozen of them really embarassing (unforced dribbles out of bounds, passes straight to the opponent etc)

Which could lead us to more, (individual) gems.

1) Lou Williams. The most pathetic among many pathetic Sixers. Which would you pick, the initial 0/3 from the line, the 5 turnovers-vs-2 assists, the 27% from the field?

He played so pathetically that, in order to improve his pathetic stat line, he (pathetically) went all the way to the basket on the final play, so that he could “reach” 3/11… Which is still pathetic, of course.

But I think his jump pass-to-a-defender, his dribble-out-of-bounds, the multiple, annoying, 1-vs-5 drives are worth mentioning also.

2) Andre Iguodala. 43 minutes of… nothing. 3/6 from the line, besides everything else.

Six turnovers and just as many bad shots, including a weird, embarassing, pathetic (again) airball when we had the chance to cut it to -11 in the third.

3) Willie Green. Nothing to add here, really. He was just being himself.

4) Sam Dalembert. I came to the point that I was missing his “presence” (imagine that…), because we were being killed under the boards, Then I realized he had already played 17 minutes, and no one noticed.

No, wait, there is a highlight play he was part of. When he received the ball just under the basket and, instead of dunking the ball AND Krstic (worldwide known for his limited athletic ability), pump faked, hesitated and, finally, traveled (LOL).

I’d rather lose on a buzzer beater from outisde the arena that having to watch these kind of games. They make you want to throw up.

Basketball should be fun. Sixers basketball is becoming sickening.


One Response to “Pathetic Sixers find a way to lose in OKC”

  1. Nick Nocit said

    maybe if sammy and theo paid more attention

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