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Iguodala goes Hollywood, sinks Lakers at the buzzer

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 19, 2009


The title of this post could have been “More timely three point shooting“, following the one below this. Or “Finally a buzzer beater that goes the right way”. Whatever.

All I can say now is I am one of the happiest bball fans on earth. I could have been the happiest overall. Becasue of this (I love how the video is 100% Lakers until the 2.10 mark…LOL): 

(PREMISE: as you might easily guess, from Monday to Friday it’s extremely difficult for me to watch Sixers games live. When they play in Philly, or anywhere in the East, games start at 00.30-1 AM. It means going to bed at around 3.30-4, and get up at 8, to go to work my butt off for 10 + hrs in office…. when Sixers play West, that’s completely impossible, because games start at around 3.30-4 AM GT – Guido Time)

So I had this plan for today: resist and DO NOT check the score of the Lakers game all day (that’s always a pretty tough task for a die hard fan, believe me), RUN home from office, watch the game replaying, but… “live”: without knowing the score, I mean !!

Had this plan be completed, I would be the happiest fan on earth now. Really.


Fellow guido and f’n idiot Raffaele, co-founder of Sixers4guidos, that I hadn’t heard from in like 3-4 weeks (not missing anything, btw…), decided to drop me an email that consisted in these few words: “Biggest win of the season. Why no post up yet?”.

The response was like: 1) (tons of profanities) I was trying to avoid knowing the score, you idiot. Your useless ass completely ruined me the surprise… And 2) the post will be up as soon as I’ll watch the game, you retard. 

So here I am now, trying to recap (yes), the biggest win of the season, (too) many hours late, I know. What can I do?

Let’s start from the finish. Andre Iguodala, whose clutchness has been questioned many times – also on this site of course – hit a fantastic three pointer over Trevor Ariza at the buzzer to give Sixers a 93-94 W over the Lakers at the Staples Center:


Sixers have won four straight games now, and their record is 34-31, .523.

That shot couldn’t have been more timely, for many reasons.

First, it came to overcome another big shot, a “long two pointer” by Kobe Bryant, that put Lakers up two with 6 seconds left, 93-91. Notice that Kobe was 0/5 from the field in the 4th quarter before knocking down that jumper…. Notice also he scored over Iguodala !

Second, Iguodala was 0/6 from three point land before d-e-m-a-n-d-i-n-g the ball for the last shot. That stat included two airballs, one pretty embarassing because he was wide open. So he showed some guts, I like the attitude. Iguodala shot 2/12 before making SEVEN OF HIS LAST NINE attempts !!! Paul Pierce anyone ???

Third, let’s be honest, with all those buzzer beater losses, and with Sixers/Iguodala’s track record in the last seconds of games (excluding this one), I’m pretty sure few Sixers fans believed in that kind of outcome.

But it came. On the road. Against the Lakers. Wow.

That’s why this win has a special taste. And it could have been even sweeter hadn’t Raffaele f’d me up with bla bla bla…

I would like to mention few more things in this special day (unfortunately we can’t party much because we meet the Suns in…well, few hours).

1) Donyell Marshall played another fantastic 4th quarter, hitting all of his three field goals, that, you guessed it, were all three pointers. How about 6/8 frome behind the arc in the last two games ???? And all of them in the final period?

2) this time I have to take my hat off to Lou Williams, that was phenomenal off the bench, especially in the second quarter, when he scored 12 points, coming from three “and one” plays and a three pointer.

But he did committ two big mistakes in the final 1.30 min, not converting a layup and getting blocked by Gasol on a forced drive. Lou, take Iguodala to dinner, he saved your ass.

3) another played that deserves a lot of praise is Reggie Evans, finally used properly. He was a BEAST under the boards, even more than usual, and had two big baskets in the fourth, in the middle of Sixers’ run.

4) finally, a big applause goes to the whole team, that played terrific defense on Bryant for the whole night.

Iguodala guarded him most of the game (which makes his offensive performance even bigger), but also Miller and Green took the challenge, doing a great job of denying him open looks, and forcing him to five, costly turnovers.

5) last but not least, this was a pretty impressive come-from-behind W, because when Farmar hit a three from the corner at the beginning of the 4th, Lakers’ lead was at fourteen, 76-62. It’s a 17-32 run to finish the game, baby.

SIXERS4GUIDOS’ BONUS STATS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS – Sixers started 1/11, Lakers 10/16… Willie Green carried the load offensively for us in the first – Lakers were 59% from the floor at halftime (50-50), Sixers 40%. Lakers had 11 turnovers though – Sam was horrible offensively but very good under the boards, especially on the offensive end – Gasol was unstoppable in the first half, I liked also his vision, he finds the open man extremely well, also with kick out passes – Lakers went on a 10-0 run to close the third (73-62), with Kobe on the bench because of foul troubles.

I want to see more scenes like this:



2 Responses to “Iguodala goes Hollywood, sinks Lakers at the buzzer”

  1. Mplant said

    Amazing W. It looked like a tough loss to take to bed (made even worse on the heels of a tough Flyers loss earlier in the night), but Iguodala made it all worthwhile. Given the buzzer-beater, comeback, and quality of the opponent, this was the best ending to a Sixers game I can remember seeing in several years

  2. Same here Mplant, and thanks for checking in

    I did watch last year’s buzzer beater W over Memphis, but, you know, beating the Lakers and Kobe at the Staples center is another story…

    Biggest (reg season) win in quite a long time, I agree

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