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Old Suns still shining enough

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 19, 2009


Sixers’ 126-116 L at Phoenix was blackouted in Italy, I couldn’t watch it.

As usual when this happens, I watched the highlights, I read the boxscore, the play-by-play page and many reports so I’ll try to focus on some sure facts and try to make some points.

Sixers now stand at 34-32 (.515), 6th in the eastern conference rankings, 1 1/2 games behind the 5th seed Miami (36-31).

The western conference trip has three stops left, Golden State (tomorrow), Sacramento, Portland. I think we have good chances to win the next two games, vs weaker opponents, while the final matchup vs TrailBlazers will be a tough one.

Ending the trip at 3-2 would be very good.

Speaking of yesterday’s game, here is what the crew at Bright side of the Sun thinks of us:

The 76ers are a good team with a lot of nice pieces. They run the floor really well and move the ball in the half court. Unfortunately for them, against the Suns they were outmatched inside giving up an 80 to 50 “edge” in points in the paint  and 26  to 8 second chance points.The 76ers are 2nd on the league in offensive rebounds so that’s quite a feat.

In its recap the Suns’ blog is underlining how Suns now have some good “chemistry” and “balance”, that were all lacking before. 

Interesting how four Suns (elderly Nash, Shaq – in the pic: he destroyed Dalembert – , Tyrone Grant Hill + Jason Richardson) combined for 41/65 from the floor (63% !!) and 96 points. Difficult to lose like that uh?

Sixers scored 116 points, shot 55% from the field, 47% from three point land (8/17), and turned the ball over only six times. It wasn’t enough to win the game. It doesn’t happen often.

Apparently we couldn’t get any defensive stop. I’ve read on the Sixers board that officiating was pretty poor, and many travels by Shaq weren’t called. This is not surprising but I won’t complain.

Kate Fagan on Deep Sixer is focusing on some positives about last night’s game: Donyell Marshall, Lou Williams and Andre Miller are playing well.

So there is some room for optimism, even after a loss.


Every game against Golden State is fun. I always liked that team and its crazy, passionate fans.

And I like to meet them also because it gives me the opportunity to put a link to Golden State of Mind, one of the best NBA blogs in my opinion, and a site just as fun as Nelson’s team.

Recently I added another nice Warriors site to my blogroll: so make sure to check also The Warriors rundown to have a full coverage about our next opponent.

Warriors play the Lakers tonight (go Warriors !!) so maybe they will be a lil’ bit tired tomorrow, in the second night of a back-to-back. (Now that I am typing this, I have to remind that Suns had played their last game on Sunday).

I can’t wait to watch the game, I’ll be there for sure this time.

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